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More Staff & Competent Mods
I have a genuine concern about some of the staff members on this server. I think myself and many other players would have a much better Minecraft experience if, one, we had more staff members to help deal with problems, and two, have more competent mods who don't abuse the title they have or their powers.

I've been muted for asking a simple question, and also warned for 'sassing staff' when I was clearly stating my opinion. I was accused of being rude and then threatened with a temp ban if I kept trying to respond to what I was being asked. I should have the right to be upset at something and not be threatened with a ban when I don't respond to a conversation with open arms and flowers and rainbows. I'm a naturally sassy and blunt person and I don't think I should be punished for that. Sorry that some people take offense to that, but I shouldn't be threatened with a ban because of it.

I don't know how I'm supposed to respect someone with power who doesn't respect the players, and I think that is a problem that needs to be taken into consideration when new staff are being chosen. They need to be able to do their job correctly and efficiently without affecting the playing experience of others.

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