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Who's Sid?
What's up everyone, I'm Sid!

I am the owner of the server, tada.

Somewhere around 3 months prior to this post, I decided that I wanted to make a nice community, and place for people to play games. This resulted in the wonderful place we now know, and love. OtterCraft.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing web and graphic development for people I find on Spigot Forums, Minecraftforum.net, Mc-market, and whatnot. That's if I have any spare time of course... Here's my site(portoflio is there too).

Some of you already know, I'm a lifting freak. I love working out, nothing feels better than a pump. No-matter what, I always fit a workout in my day, somewhere. Last summer I participated in my school's cross country mountain bike team, and somehow placed 33rd in nationals.

If I'm not on the server, odds are that I'm at work, or school, or the gym. At the time of this post, I'm a senior(finally almost done with hs). I currently work at Chipotle, and have been there for almost a year now. I love the free food, and the other people I work with.

Overall, I'm a super health maniac, nerdy highschool kid.
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