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It is contest time! It's the start of the month, and i feel generous! That is why i have created a contest with a prize!

This will be a Build contest!

Me and my judges want to find the best builder on the server, and that is why i have created a area with 14 plots for people to build on!(More will be made if needed.)
To enter the contest, simple type /warp contest and destroy the plot sign, and place it down again with plot number and name!

The plots are 16*16. That means that you, the contestant, will have a chunk to build on.
The judges will look at each different build, and judge which one contain the best 1. Structure. 2. Nature.

1. Structures will be judged on these things:

1. Scale
2. Detail
3. Theme
4. Redstone

2. Nature will be judged on these things:

1. Terraforming
2. Custom plants
3. Organic feel.

It is not required to follow ALL the points of structure and nature. Example: You can build a build without redstone, and you can build redstone without any detail to the structure.


1. You most use your own ressources
2. Nothing sexual!
3. Only claim one plot. (Your items will be removed from any other plots you claim.)
4. Judges can't enter the contest.
5. Max height from ground must be 25 blocks (You are allowed to dig as far down as you want)
6. Don't destroy or build on other plots than your own. it will be seen as griefing, even if the plot is empty.
7. Don't build on the plot after the contest is over

You will be disqualified if you break any of the rules. Your plot will be cleared. Either by you or us. We will not take any items.

There are 2 different prizes

1. Vip+
2. Vip

Vip+ will be given to the build that has good overall structure and nature.
Vip will be given to the build that has either a good structure or nature.

When you have claimed a plot, please reply to this thread with your name and plot number!

Take down your build after the contest has ended. The ground will be cleared for future contests.

This contest is created by Demendius and WhisperJWhycked. Aka Dinkleberg and Trashpanda.

The contest will end Saturday the 6th. The judges will look over the build after this.
Yo guys i took plot 8 its Alfador7
Plot: 2
Name: Medainda
Here we go!
Plot: 7
Name: ssyy1
lets have fun?
WitherDuck plot 12
This looks great! Excited to see what you guys come up with. Good luck!
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
SathersX - Plot 14, and good luck to everyone competing.
can i join?
(05-03-2017, 02:33 AM)LEXI0214 Wrote: can i join?

Of course!

Just do /warp contest, claim a plot, and let us know which plot you took in here!
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Judges votes:

Judge 1:
Best nature or structure: Breakfast_boy
Best overall: Strobezz

Judge 2:
Best nature or structure: Wither
Best overall Strobezz

Judge 3:
Best nature or structure: Strobezz
Best overall: SathersX

Judge 4:
Best nature or structure: Strobezz
Best overall: Satherx

Judge 5:
Best nature or structure: Strobezz
Best overall: Strobezz

Votes went to:

Sathersx - 2 on best overall

Strobezz - 3 on best overall and 3 on best nature or structure

Wither - 1 on best nature or structure

Breakfast_boy - 1 on best nature or structure

We chose to give the second prize to Sathers, since the other two who got the theme votes have equal and sathers has 2 overall votes.

The winner of overall best is: Strobezz

The winner of nature or structure is: Sathersx

Congratulation! Vip+ for Strobezz and Vip for sathersx

Thanks to the judges!
Sid_engel, WhisperjWycked, TSkaz, BlameTK, TheFortKnox and madison_online! You are all darlings!

I might ask for you help on the next contest!

Last words: This is the first contest that i have ever held! I know things havn't been the best. I have learned a lot from this, and i will try to be a much better host at the next contest!

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