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Add Towny
I know that this is a vanilla survival server but myself and many others believe that the server could benefit off of the implementation of the Towny plugin on the server. 

Why add Towny? 

Towny would allow major cities to prosper and grow. Many towns as of now are left abandoned and scattered across the world. With towny, cities could grow and stay a real town while offering a safety area for players to create their town.

The town system would also be a great anti-grief mechanism. The plugin makes it so only town members could be allowed to destroy/build in the town area. Plots of land by a town can easily be claimed by using currency in game. Since currency is rarely used, currency could actually have an active role in the server. Since there is no real store but the auction house, currency would be a key factor in growing towns with the towny plugin.

Ultimately towny creates a fun survival role play experience where real towns can prosper. People will be able to really survive as they face the wilderness around them. The towny plugin also allows you to ally and enemy other towns. Also, if enabled by the server owner, empires can be formed by multiple towns. This would create more replayability for the server and would incentify people to band together. This would reduce the empty "towns" around the server.

What if people want to build outside of towns?

Many people could build outside of towns and lock their doors with Lockette. This would allow players to essentially stay safe in a way without people killing them. If someone griefs to get in they would obviously be breaking the rules and banned. 

The rules of no griefing would still be implemented but they would be at risk of possible death by pvp by being outside of a town.

People would still have the ability to build in the wilderness but it would be at their cost. This ultimately would encourage more players to work together in a real survival environment. 

What if users don't want to PVP at all? 

If users don't want to pvp they can easily join a town. If they want to take a risk into the wild they can. This would make the server a true survival server as people would actually be trying to survive by banding together.
I second this, If PVP outside of towns is unwanted it could be made so that players may only PVP if they are in towns/nations that are at war with each other.

I really like this because it creates a system that ensures people don't grief where as the current system rides on good faith that people wont grief.

also a quick note:
Towns at war with each other CANT destroy each others buildings still, its just simply PVP between players of at-war towns.
I believe that "towny" is there to be like Hey we are nice people and we are very towny we let ppl in our towns Idk if that makes sense or not but yea
The sad part is, the atmosphere we're hoping Towny would provide IS how the server used to be. I do think that Towny would start a few of its own trolling issues (with people claiming other's already built towns), but overall we may HAVE to implement it (due to the points listed in the main post).
I'm expecting to see quite a player drop when summer vacation is over in the US. With players already getting bored of vanilla towns, Towny might be the right move.
This is an interesting idea guys. When I was initially told about this post, I didn't think it would be that important, or eye-openning. However, this is an actual consideration.

I'll talk it over with the other staff, to see what they think. Doesn't sound too bad to me....

We would probably need to take the server offline for a few hours, to get the permissions with the plugin set correctly, and whatnot.

We'll see. Great post.
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Alright, I've put some further thinking into this.

People will think it's okay to grief once inside the wilderness. Which is sorta a problem...

I don't think there's anything we could do about that.
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(07-30-2017, 11:10 PM)Sid_Engel Wrote: Alright, I've put some further thinking into this.

People will think it's okay to grief once inside the wilderness. Which is sorta a problem...

I don't think there's anything we could do about that.

There is a solution. Make it very clear that any griefing in the wilderness will result in punishment. It isn't too hard really , all that is really happening is that towny is being added. People can still make reports if there is grief. Make a message go through the chat every couple of minutes in red bold text saying griefing of any kind anywhere will not be tolerated. I honestly believe the server is missing out on a big opportunity by not implementing towny.
Now that we talk about towny, i think we should focus on a plugin that we would all enjoy! Chestshop!

(also, use factions instead of towny! Towny is so bugged)

Another thing: I know people will hate this idea, but maybe create a new world? Would reduce lag, and give some exploration back to the players! Then implement a towny like plugin into the new world, and the transition will be smooth

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