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My last few things for my friends
Hi guys, i have recently been banned and I'm sorry. i don't wanna think to much about it so yeah. This is NOT another appeal it is just information for friends of mine.
And sid please don't close this thread in like 2 days. Im on a new Server called Hypixel so if you want to contact me contact me there please. So here is what i have to say:
Im sorry for doing the grief, you do not have to un-ban me, i won't mind

Hannah if you don't mind may you run the town for while?

I am just a Random 10 year old girl of the internet, And i have feelings to, Stop sending me Stuff About "HA you got banned" in my email, and no i did not give my email out.

And last i hope everyone Has a nice day and i Luv you all ty for your time.

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