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Some Discord server suggestions.
Hi, I have a few suggestions for the Ottercraft Discord server.

As I've been using Discord for almost 2 years now, I have much experience in making servers look organized and very interesting to look at! Here are my suggestions:

- Adding a #info-and-rules text channel to showcase the Ottercraft MC server's features, include a FAQ, and general Discord server (and perhaps even in-game) rules.

- Adding an #announcements text channel for important announcements on server maintenance, as well as events and such.

- Making the voice channels more lively by adding an emoji to the start of the name of each voice channel according to what they are, and maybe adding more voice channels for more users to be active in, such as Lobby 2, 3, or even Duo, Trio, or Quad Room voice channels.

- Adding a reliable and nearly lag-free music bot (Rhythm is a very good choice for this).

- Adding several more Discord bot to the server for customization, automations, beautification, and levels (Welcomer, Tatsumaki, Nadeko, and Mee6 are wonderful boots for all of these).

I do hope that you will take these suggestions into consideration! If you need any examples of anything I suggested, feel free to DM me on Discord! My Discord ID is Zephyrr#2149. Smile

- Zephyrr
Not bad.

The Discord server could definitely get a little more love.
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