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Clan Plugin
This is a 'simple' plugin.

It enables players to create clans and feel like a part of a community!

Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/clan-...nds.34696/

  • Players will be able to feel part of a community
  • It will make some players stay, since it will make them want to expand their clan
  • Leaders want people to join their clans, so they might recruit new players and let new players have a good start
  • Clan forums! (big clans can get a subforum?) (More forum activity)
  • Might have clan pvp (no idea if this is a thing)
  • Very user friendly!!
  • ???
  • A lot of 'empty' clans or clans that are inactive (Check the edit)
  • Some players might feel left out since some clans might not want them
  • Might have clan pvp (no idea if this is a thing)
  • ???
I personally think this would be a good idea since it gives players a sense of being in an individual community!

Altho, i also see the cons as major problems, since empty clans will take up server space and (Check the edit) players that can't get into the community might leave the server for good!


There's an upkeep for the clans, so they don't stay open/active forever. You can change this in the config files
I also put this on Discord but since its Discord I'll put it here too.
Maybe its possible to let inactive or empty clans dissapear, minimum members to excist, and members will be kicked out of the clan if they haven't been online for maybe 6 weeks or something, those who stopped are gone and those who just can't get online have enough time.
Besides that I think clans would be a nice addition.

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