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Staff Apps Open
Due to our growing popularity, we are going to need more staff.

I'm going to trust you guys, by giving you the freedom of formatting the application the way you want. Just know, that we are looking for some key details in your application.

Obviously, we want to know more about you... What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?

What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)?

Why do you want to be part of staff?

What are the times you are usually online?

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-minecraft)?


The main part of the application is how you format the post. This shows me your professionalism, and how much effort you are willing to put in.

Best of luck!
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Hello Sid & company

My name is JJ but my username is BL4CK_H4ND.

I would like to be on staff so that i can better help out, I also have allot of ideas for things I want to build but that I am unable to do, due to not being on staff. IRL I am a carpenter, I work 5 days a week usually about 8am - 6pm I generally will get on the server after work or on the weekends and I have currently been spending my time "afk fishing" while also utilizing a cave spider grinder I built using a design I got off of YouTube. I don't currently have any experience with moderator or manager positions, but I’m a fast learner and a hard worker. I also enjoy having goals to accomplish and if I’m able to I would like to contribute more to the otter community and also to the server.

For your consideration, sincerely yours, JJ
Thank you.
Greetings and Salutations Ottercraft Administration,

About Me:
Hello my name is Matthew aka lockhole, I am a 17 year old currently living in Southern New Jersey. I play the cello in my High School Orchestra and in Honors and AP level classes. I am a Life Scout in my local Boy Scouts Troop and have served as Senior Patrol Leader for 3 years ( I am the Leader for the Scouts). For that position I attended the National Youth Leadership Training to get a better perspective on being a leader and helping others. I am a avid reader of books, movie watching, and video gamer.

What I Will Provide For The Server And Its Players:
I have been on many servers in my years of playing Minecraft and yes they are different in their own ways, but the blight of grief, thievery, rude behavior and lack of respect toward the rules and others is quite noticeable and always present. I intend on bringing the hammer of justice down on these horrific traits that  every server should never have, specifically a young and growing server such as Ottercraft. If I am accepted the position of Moderator or Admin I will be sure that griefing and anything that goes ill towards players or the well being and integrity of the server is immediately ended and resolved.

Why I Want To Be A Part Of The Staff:
I want to be a part of the Ottercraft Staff because I want to ensure that the creations of the players are protected from ill deeds, the possessions of the players are safe and secure under the watchful eye of our staff. On Ottercraft I am the owner of the Ellisnarian Empire ( Big name I know) What started as a small farming homestead turned into a peaceful Empire of a growing population and ever morphing society. I would hate to see that one creation be ruined by grief or miss guided players. That of course is one of hundreds of villages, communities and towns that dozens of players have created and to see them fall would to see the server fall as well......Which I do not intend on seeing. Ottercraft is slowly becoming a family of friendly and honest people that I hardly know. I would never want to see anything happen to it. If I am honored the position as Mod I will promise that.

The Times That I Am Online:
Till the beginning of September I will be able to get on pretty much whenever, I will hopefully inform both the Staff and the players of my absence of any particular day of any particular week. Once school starts back up, I hopefully will be on Tuesdays-Fridays for maybe a hour and a half or two hours (Depends on the amount of schoolwork needed to get done. However Mondays will be a  bit hazy for time predictions for I have BSA meetings then and the aforementioned schoolwork. So to recap: Tues- Fri perhaps 5:00pm -7:00 pm EST and the Weekends whenever.

How Long Have I Been Involved In Minecraft:
I have been playing Minecraft since the Summer of 2011, I have always wanted to make my own server and play with friends, however that intelligence is beyond my reach and distancing itself from me farther and farther. As mentioned before of Boy Scouts I am well suited for a leadership roll so a Staff position is my forte. I am not entirely familiar with the different positions of Staffing for Ottercraft however a Mod would be fine (In the matter of speaking that I am accepted) However if you are in need of a higher position such as Admin I am not picky and I respect your opinion of me and the possibility of my acceptance ( Or not).

Final Remarks:
I don't just want to provide Ottercraft with my time and assistance toward the players, but also my voice and ethic in matters of future development of the server (I may not know much of computers and programming of software and servers), but I can provide a much needed extra advice and opinion for the Staff. I hope you shall take my application for Moderator or Admin unto consideration and I shall be looking forward for your response. Many thanks for your time and patience.

Sincerely Yours,
Matthew (lockhole)   (P.S. Sorry for any possible grammatical errors, although I believe there is none).
You guys are not supposed to post it here Q_Q Post a new thread in the sub forum...
Dear Sid,
I have school 4 days a week. I have been a mod on one server called RandomCraft. I believe i can make the server better by helping out everyone. I WILL NOT ABUSE. I play a lot whenever i have the time. I believe i could start out as a helper and work my way up. I'm 13 years old and would LOVE to be a staff.
Thank you for your time-War
Dear sid,
I was once going to become a admin on a server around a year ago but unfortunately the server closed down.So i have never been anything else apart from general or a rank.I do go on the server a lot idk if you can see that or not but i do since im still "pretty young" i have a lot of time to go on the server.My teachers have said i solve real world problems quickly and fair to everyone.I would really like to become a admin since I've never had the chance to be one.I would really love to be a staff one day.Also i would say if there is a chance for me to be mod then i would pick either one but i dont get mod stuff or what exactly they do so yea.But please keep me in mind to be come a staff on otter craft.
Happy late seven month's!
LilGoat17 did an application thing

- Basic things about me:
 Jon Jones
  Senior year student + semi-gamer
  Strongly passionate about games(and communities that come with them) and cooking

- What I bring to the table:
 To the community I can bring a fun, friendly, welcoming experience. I can help players/members, both new and old, in the server, and ensure that players who get just a little bit out of control get the consequences necessary. I believe I'm highly capable of keeping track of rules(making sure players don't try to dance around them with loopholes), manage multiple conversations at once in the server, and talk to players about problems that may be happening.

- Why I want to be here:
 I want to become apart of the staff team mainly because I really enjoy being in a position where I can make some good contributions to a community/game that I appreciate, and I genuinely appreciate Ottercraft. 

- When I'm available: 
Usually I am online around 9 Pm - 1Am Mountain Standard Time. On weekends I am sometimes online around 8 Am - 12 Pm as well

- Minecraft and Moderation history: 
 (I'm sorry if this is a lot of unnecessary details. To summarize, I've been playing since I was 11 years old but there have been times where I've played on and off) My Minecraft timeline has a few holes in it, but first I'd like to say I did not start playing in multiplayer servers until this year... I started when I was around 11 years old, and played daily for perhaps a year or two. After that, I stopped playing for a good 5 months before starting to play on and off. The cycle of on and off playing continued until I was 14, where I dove into Modded Minecraft. That lasted for about a year, then I stopped for a year and forgot my log in information. Up until this year I had only played once or twice in Demo. Finally I got a new account and have been playing weekly - if not daily - ever since two months ago. 
  As for mod/admin experience. I have absolutely no experience in Minecraft, but I do have experience in a very exciting website called ROBLOX. At 13 years old I created my own pirate crew (which lasted a good months before it went inactive and I didn't know what to do). After that was a small Japanese war clan (I promise I'm not a weeb I was just extremely fascinated with Asian culture). It took a good two years in that clan, but eventually I reached a high rank. I hosted a good handful of training sessions, practice raids, and even took command during an actual raid on other groups' bases/forts. After that was a wonderful bundle of happy memories - a Fairy Tail game. After a year of just being a player and a friend with some of the devs, I took full ownership of the game. With 0 game developing skills, I got a close friend of mine to hold the group for the game and find developers while I managed the community. It has been going on for the past two and a half years. Currently the community for the game is extremely silent and inactive, but development for the game continues. 
  I am not in any other Minecraft mod/admin positions in other servers. 

- Other things about me (you don't need to read this but I figured it would be good to include this just in case):
  I'm not going to lie. Half the time, my brain is very slow. It can sometimes take me a while before I can grasp a concept. I'm not saying I'm an idiot, though this honestly makes me look like one sometimes.
 I'm pretty sure at some point I'll make some mistakes, big or small. Trust me when I say I hate it when I do. I don't want to mess up while helping with something that I really enjoy, so I will try my best not to.
 I fluctuate between being extremely calm and concentrated and wanting to roast someone to make it clear that they're doing something wrong. As far as I know, I don't go overboard with anything, but if you catch me doing so or get reports of it, feel free to remove me (assuming I become a mod in the first place)
 Am I confident that I can be accepted as a mod when a position opens? You're damn right I am. I fully believe I'm able to do my part and help make the server a more enjoyable place to be in
 I'm completely weird, and sometimes not in a good way. I'm extremely sorry if I end up getting obnoxious ever in the future
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About Me

Hey Sid, my name is Jacob (armypig2255) and i'm looking to apply for staff. I'm 15 years old and have been playing Otter craft since 2016. I'm the captain of my travel soccer team and a leader in We the People debate group. Volunteering is also something i do regularly. I enjoy the outdoors, watching movies, and obviously playing video games.

Why I Want To Be Staff

I love the Otter craft community and server as a whole. I wish to help new players be welcome, and solve disputes on the server. Helping others is one of my passions, I hope I can provide assistance to the Otter craft community and help you and the current staff continue running this incredible server. I have donated to the server and want to support its growth.

Previous Experience

I have owned multiple servers on multiple games. I owned an unturned server called Unturned Airmen and our group had 100+ members on steam. I have also owned multiple MC servers that are SMP where people can ply for the summer then it resets, that server was called Mythic Craft. I also hope to promote the server with the Gamer link clan I created called WOWZERS with 80 members and growing.


I can play really any time after 3 P.M. on weekdays and any time after 10 A.M. on weekends US Eastern.
Sid_EngelDue to our growing popularity, we are going to need more staff.

I'm going to trust you guys, by giving you the freedom of formatting the application the way you want. Just know, that we are looking for some key details in your application.

My name is Justin I go to school and my goal is to eliminate all thots 

What i can do for the community is to eliminate and terminate all thots from the servers aka hackers, spammers, greifers, etc 

I want to enforce the rules of the server

i am on for about 2 hours because i have other things like school and homework 

I have been playing minecraft for about 4 years and ive had administration experience from my friend servers 

P.S. I would love a custom rank called Thot Patrol 

The main part of the application is how you format the post. This shows me your professionalism, and how much effort you are willing to put in.

Best of luck!

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