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Staff Apps Open
Hello Mr. Engel,
As of a request from other players from my recent build on your Minecraft server, I would like to apply for the position of Builder. And from you request post I will answer the following questions.

What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?
My name is Elizabeth, and I am an artist and online personality. I am passionate about making people happy with my content and showing people the way I think through art. As this sounds extremely cheesy its true.

What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)?
Well I am unsure of what a mod is in this sense, but I can just bring a positive outlook and I can bring in an advertisement, but I cannot ensure this. Other than that I can do incredible builds.

Why do you want to be part of the staff?
I've been a builder for 4 years now for other servers, and have been playing Minecraft for 12 years. Even though I'm not fully interested in a job, it seems like a fun thing to do and enjoy.

What are the times you are usually online?
I am on when I'm not in school and when I'm not working online. So not a lot anymore. but I do spend a bit of time on.

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-Minecraft)?
As I've said before, I've played for 12 years and have been a builder for other servers. It has been 2 years since those jobs so I can't remember their names.

And you had an ext, but I don't know anything else about me that you cant find out from my other social media. If you ask for my other social media ill give it to you.

Thank you for your time,
Hey it’s me GreenGurl! I would love to be a mod, because I love helping people, I love to share positivity, and I feel like I could show people how amazing, safe, and wonderful this server is. I love this server so much! I am passionate about this server, because I know it can grow to be a huge amazing server.

My name is Ella, and I am a positive, loving, loyal, and funny person. Everybody says i am a very chill person. And, my family says my gift is helping people. I love to help people! It is what I would love to do every day. I come on for maybe 3-5 hours a day. Mostly after lunch, but sometimes in the morning. My worst fear is not being able to do the most I can for people. I am passionate about helping people and showing people that there is positivity and loving people in the world. I am also very passionate about this server. It is something I worked on for months, and I have seen grow so fast. I know OtterCraft can grow and help show people the good, even when it is just a game.

I have been playing Minecraft for around 6 years now. I started off playing on the Xbox 360. But, now on the computer. I would love to be apart of staff, because it helps me help people, and share positivity to people I don’t even know. It is also a great honor for me to even be considered as staff! This server means so much to me because I have been playing on it for so long. I have been able to meet amazing players. This server shows the good in the world, for example if someone needs something people help out and help them get what they need. I have seen this server grow from 10 people playing to about 30 everyday it's absolutely amazing how something that was so little could grow to something so big.

If I have not said yet, I am applying for mod. In real life i have had something like this at my local church. My whole family helped with a lot of things there. My mom was even head of the New People group. Everybody trusted me at my church, at school and even at home. Because I am responsible and I am honest. I like to joke around though! I do not like to procrastinate on things, I like to get them done. My normal responsibilities everyday is to… Clean my room, clean the kitchen, feed all the animals, make sure my siblings are awake, make sure we leave on time for school, get school work done etc. I make sure everything I am supposed to do is done before I do anything extra. My parents say I am very responsible and trustworthy also.

I want to thank everybody who reads this. I hope you guys have a very good day. And if you guys want to help me, you can leave a reply with feedback that could help my application or something I do in minecraft. Thank Y’all (again)

Hello all! My name is Kayla! I'm 22. I work night shift in a medical lab and go to college during the day to get my degree in deaf studies and sign language interpreting. I'm passionate for relaxation and fun! (aka gaming)

What do I have to offer? Experience. I've owned several servers in the past but got too busy with work and school to keep up with them. I'm familiar with all sorts of mods, and anti-griefing mods/commands. I'm also a decent builder. Since I work nights, I'm on at odd hours on the weekends, usually when no one else is online. I've been playing minecraft for almost 10 years on and off.

I would like to be a mod to be able to help fix griefs or help out new players on weird times when the server has hardly any players on. I would like to use my previous owning knowledge refreshed by keeping up on the commands and mods as well. I've been a mod on a few other servers back in the day and I'm use to the responsibility.

I tend to keep to myself unless I feel a need to step in to resolve conflict. Although I'm still new, I've enjoyed this server a lot! Big Grin  If you have any questions at all, please let me know. I'm usually on during the weekends, and sometimes a little bit before my shift (4-5pm my time) or a little bit when I get home from work (5-6am). I'm also in the discord channel. Thanks!!
Dear Mr Engel,

About Me:
Salutations! My name is Owen aka PufferfishRoger, I am a 17 year old currently living in Western Canada. I am an Honours Drama student and the lead Tenor in Concert Choir. I am a Junior Supervisor at my job at A&W and have worked for 1 years. For that position I went through rigorous training and trials and tests. I am a avid reader of Manga's, Computer coder, and video gamer.

What I Will Do For The Server And Its users:
I have been on many servers in my many years of playing Video games they are all different, but the painful soul crushing of logging on and finding everything you worked for gone is their for the most of it. If accepted guarantee I will bring the justice of the staff down on these horrific traitors that every server should never have, specifically a growing, and kind server such as Ottercraft. If I am accepted to the position of Moderator or Admin,I will be sure that crimes against all members of the community are resolved swiftly and fairly.

Why? Why do I want to join the staff so much?:
I want to be a part of the OtterStaff (Sick name right?) because I want to ensure that the hopes and dreams of the community are protected from wrong doings and that the work of the players is safe. On Ottercraft I am the owner of the Turtle Ranch (40 Turtles and growing!) What started as a incubator turned into a peaceful mass of over-population and ever terrifying army. I would hate to see that my army be annihilated by a deranged troll. The Ranch of course is just one of the hundreds of dozens of player made places and to see them gone would crush me and to witness the server fall as well would kill me, but I wouldn't let it. Ottercraft is slowly becoming apart of my life and a second family. I would never want to see it fall. If I am gifted the position as Mod or Admin I will promise that it will become an empire of friendliness, happiness and a place that every enjoys.

The Times That I Am Online:
I will be able to get on pretty much whenever, I will inform both the Staff and the players of my absence of any particular day of any particular week. Once school starts back up, I hopefully will be on Monday-Fridays after 5pm for maybe a hour and a half or two hours (Depends on the amount of schoolwork needed to get done). However Weekends will be a  bit odd for time predictions for I have work then and the aforementioned schoolwork. So to recap: Mon- Fri after 5:00pm -11:00 pm PT and the Weekends whenever I can.

How Long Have I Been Involved In Minecraft:
I have been playing Minecraft since 13 September, 2015, I have always wanted to make my own world and play with friends, however that intelligence is just beyond my reach and getting further away. As mentioned before of A&W Supervisor I am well suited for a leadership so I would thrive as a Staff member. I am not entirely familiar with the different positions of OtterStaff (Still Cool) however a Moderator (quite moderate actually, BADUMM TSK) would be fine (If I am accepted of course.) However if you are in need of a higher position such as Admin (or maybe even Lower) I am not picky and I respect you, your work and your choices.

Final Remark:
I won't just provide Ottercraft with my time and help toward the community, but also my ideas and plans in matters of the future of the server, I will try if needed to provide any needed extra advice and opinion for the Staff. I hope you take my application for Moderator or Admin into consideration and I will be looking forward for your response. Many thanks for your time and for reading!

Sincerely Yours,
Owen (PufferfishRoger)   (Sorry for any mistakes and all the bad jokes and anecdotes).
Hello Sid! This is Cubic_Cubone (Cubic) and I have the VIP+ rank on the server. 
  • My name is Grant and I am 15 years old. My passions are volunteering at my local animal shelter and video, I am into competitive Pokemon as well as being a leader. 
  • I want to be part of the staff because unacceptable behavior has been occurring while there has been no staff online. I am very committed to the game and server since I joined Ottercraft early last year. I love the server community and I want to encourage others to follow the rules set in place. In my opinion, staff should be online at all times, and that currently hasn't been happening. I will contribute to the server by being online several hours and helping others to the best of my knowledge.
  • I was an Admin on a failed small server in the past. I helped others and helped make the server better. Unfortunately the server was shut down before many people joined.
  • I have been playing Minecraft for at least 4 years, and I hope to continue playing for many years to come.
  • Last Remarks: Thank you for making such a wonderful server, please continue making it a better place.
        Sincerely,             Cubic_Cubone
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