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Civil Discussion and Farming
Hello community of Ottercraft,
    I am here today to propose to you a change in the server rules / tendencies of the moderators and admins to deal with players. There are two proposals being given to you today, one on civil discussions/arguments and one on farming.
    The first on civil discussions is a change that would allow players to partake in arguments in chat without being punished. It seems that the staff does not allow any arguments to take place, they simply give a warning or sometimes even not and then apply a mute. I have seen players participating in fairly civil arguments to be interrupted by staff and become muted. I have also seen players attempting to plead with a staff member and becoming muted, even when the player clearly was in the right. I think staff should try and be more lenient with mutes because even though a mute is a simple thing for a staff to apply, it can be hurtful to the player base and create frustration between the staff and player base as a whole.
    The second on farming. I believe that taking from farms should not always result in a warning. Just today I was using a community farm in solace to gather wheat, to give to a new player who was looking for some. I was not even doing it for personal gain. I took about 45 wheat and replanted 40 of the crops, I happened to miss 5 spots on accident. This was likely because another player was also using the farm and they were mining around where I had just taken crops. So I left and later on that day was warned by Letholdus from Farm greif or stealing. I think that this warning was largely unfair as A) It was taken from a community farm and B) It was on accident. I told Letholdus that it was an accident and he did not seem to care. I could have simply fixed the farm had someone asked, but I simply did not know I forgot to place 5 seeds. Based off this situation I believe that staff should try and be more lenient with warning players from greif / stealing without understanding a situation. If a farm is public I think unless the farm is majorly greifed players should not be warned. If they forgot to minorly fix something that is not a big deal. I have a public tree farm and people do not replant saplings all of the time, but I never report them. The entire point of public farms is that they are supposed to help the community, not get them into trouble.
Thank you for reading and considering,
I can agree with you on some parts of this post jingle. There are a lot of times where staff will side with what suits them best and for personal popularity gain, but that has only been noted on the lower branches of staff as many of our moderators do take on the younger persona than the higher ups. As for the warning I'd take it as is, I'm all for helping out the new player and I will normally be the first to volunteer my help to anyone in need and if I'm able to provide. But always try to do it out of your own personal stash of supplies versus trying to use a community farm/communal crop whether it's replanted or not. Generally those types of farms are still owned by somebody and they are never truly communal. I'd advise just let the new player know where to go and what to do so that they can learn these new things themselves and get to know the map and communities better,  that way things will always work out better for you and potentially the new player also.
Players can engage in conversation/argument freely! This is not a communistic environment, guys! The only time staff step in, and issues warnings/mute players, is if the argument begins getting hostile, and affects the gameplay for other players.

Warnings shouldn't be taken the way they are.

Staff use warnings to keep track of both little, and major offenses a player has committed.

A warning for Farm theft, isn't that big of a deal. Where as a warning for grief is.
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