Poll: Should we have Redstone Workers?
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Yes, And i will Apply!
1 16.67%
Yes, but i wont apply
1 16.67%
No, I wont apply
4 66.67%
No,but i will apply if the plan works
0 0%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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Redstone workers
Hello its me Eleven, I have a suggestion for our server.

You know how we have Builders,Well i think we should shake it up after a while.

Sorta like builders,We should have Redstone Workers.

It will basically be like builders but Redstone.

We will get the abilitie to fly *For making large redstone builds*

We will also get to do world edit.

Basically everything builders get to do.

We will have a head redstone worker *if this plan does succeed id like to apply for that,im better at redstone then building houses*

So if you think this is a good idea please say yes to the poll below
Interesting idea, I'm not quite sure if a team like this would get a lot of usage to the server community.

Redstone working isn't something everyone always needs, and it would also be yet another team to manage.

Just my thoughts.
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True,but i asked alot of people and they said it would be a nice idea,but hey im not arguing.
Thread closed, based on personal opinion and poll results.
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