Poll: Should we have a new rank added to the Ottercraft Store!
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Yes! We really need one!
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No! We have too many ranks already!
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New rank idea! Introducing the Mvp and Mvp+
I really would like there to be a new rank.
Maybe like a MVP and a plus variant. I think that the regular MVP could be like $15 and MVP+ could be around $20.

Here are some features that would be cool:
All the features of VIP and VIP+, but adding:
20 Homes (25 for +)
Possible Ability to Change Prefix (For aesthetic only) (Mvp+ Only)
A limited time of flight. Not infinite so its not OP, only like 15 minutes of /Fly everyday. (Mvp+ only)

Any other feature ideas? Respond with your ideas! I'd love to hear them, and I hope I'm not the only person who wishes for a new rank on Ottercraft!
I like the idea of some new ranks, however I feel those perks are just a bit too pay 2 win.

New homes are a must have, for said rank. Flying, I totally disagree with.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Update on this: We've added in MVP.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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