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Dynmap showing yourself while hidden to others.
The title pretty much explains its self but i was wondering if you could make the Dynmap show where you are while hiding to others. I use the map for a good amount of things, seeing where im going, etc. It be nice if it could do both at the same time. Also great job added the hidden option in the first place.
Hey there,

I've just added the function of hiding/showing yourself from the Dynmap using /dynmap hide, or /dynmap show.

Sadly, what you're asking for is a function that Dynmap doesn't support. It would take some real custom magic to get that working!

The Dynmap page would have to have some kind of JS that detects your ip and if it matches that of the server(with a custom plugin), it would show the player on the map.

Great suggestion, but the work for reward is just too small.
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