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PvP Tournament Reflection
As posted previously, we had our first Server Event hosted on the 23rd(last Friday).

We ran into some big speedbumps regarding the success of the event.

After splash potions were ineffective in the arena, and a player was invincible(and we couldn't find out why)... I feel as if the main issue was people who signed up, appearing online during the time they were supposed to fight.

Once we had fixed the two arena issues, and got faster at identifying MIA players, and finding alternatives... I feel the tournament was successful.

This had seemed to benefit the server greatly! We had up to 45 players on, during the peak of the tournament.

Aside from the obvious problems stated above, what else could have been made better?

How can we improve event participation, and avoid issues?

Also, do you have any other future event ideas? Spleef, boat joust, etc?

Thanks for your input, this is crucial to our growth, and your voice matters!
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I very much enjoyed the Tournament. I strongly believe, as do many, that they should be set up annually and made a regular thing. If such annual event should occur, I think a new arena should be created for this special time. Everyone enjoys the newly constructed PvP Arena, but it is lacking in obstacles and it is very much open. Bow spam occurs when there is nothing for another player to hide behind. Another thing is that there should be layers in the arena. Have a tower designated in the center and blown up buildings and pathways all around. Some place to be able to gain ground and other routes to make flanking easier. This setup could work for a sort of King Of The Hill, Last Man Standing or even a team vs team battle. People can elect their teams, like Hou5e could have a team of 5 players that would go up against a 5 player team of Zol. I think it would be an interesting and fun time that you could videotape and post on YouTube.
Personally I would like to see more of these events in the future. One idea is to make a poll on what time would work best. Or make two, Friday or Saturday then make one for like 7pm est or 6pm est start. Also I like the idea of various types of fights, some maybe where only iron gear and sword + misc items, and some only diamond gear/sword etc.
So maybe a Kit presented to the player or team that is involved in the fight?
-Rolls up sleeves-

I've heard there's plans for boat events with multiple tracks including ice. I'm completely all for it. Since boats can hold 2 people, have an option to be paired with someone. Spleef and Parkour would also be remarkable to have.

Red light, green light could be worth a shot to test.

I suggest having some events planned that can be open for anyone who is on at the assigned event time.
I like the last suggestion made by nocookies4me that the event will be notified up until the date but no one is added onto the bracket unless you are there at the specific time. If it is annually, then people could plan ahead and know every month the first Friday is PvP day or something like that.
"every month the first Friday is PvP day or something like that. " - Previous post by Zeglot
Good idea, these events should also be showcased on the server's YouTube that I found out exists but has "poopy" videos. Having the voice channel audio of the players involved in the event, and the host, would make the video more entertaining to watch. These videos would help advertise the server and have players more excited to be a part of the community. The build showcases could've been more interesting too if you had the builder talking about the build, explaining bits and pieces of it.
Thanks for your input guys.

Glad to see the general consensus is that everybody enjoyed it, and that it's a great idea.
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