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Windows 10 Edition
Hello all! I played on this server a lot on my old PC, but on my new PC I have the Windows 10 Editionof Minecraft. I can’t seem to connect to it it and it seems from what i’ve read online, Java Servers dont work on the Windows 10 Edition? Can anyone confirm or give some helpful if im doing something wtong? Thanks!
You need to install the Java version to join servers hosted by the Java server hosts, because while the Windows 10 version is Minecraft, it's a version created by the Microsoft team, and also based on Pocket Edition, rather than the original Java edition. Such as the Windows 10 edition is not always updated, as you should see, I believe, certain fancy new things are missing from it. The Java edition of Minecraft also is the one which most servers are hosted for, which is why you cannot connect to Java servers from Windows 10.

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