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Server Rules
Welcome to Ottercraft!

Just like most servers, we have our own set of rules you must follow to play on Ottercraft. These rules are made and enforced to protect our players, and to create an enjoyable experience for them. The breaking of any of these rules will result in a punishment varying from a warning to a ban.

Server Rules:

[1] Be respectful to other players.

[2] No spamming the chat.

[3] No advertising other servers, or services(blatantly).

[4] No griefing, of any sorts.

[5] No stealing from other chests, even if they are unprotected.

[6] No asking staff for items or ranks.

[7] No hacked clients, or Xraying.

[8] Do not kill other players.

[9] Do not steal from farms.

[10] Do not be sexist/racist, or blatantly disrespectful.

[11] Don't excessively use CAPS.

[12] Don't excessively use profanity(especially against other players).

[13] Don't make us have to come up with new rules.

Follow these, and enjoy your time on Ottercraft.

Happy surviving!

- Updated by sid_engel.

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