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Me and 13 others have been attempting to log onto otter craft for around 20 minutes now. When we log on we are allowed a few precious seconds were we cannot interact or influence our surrounding environment in any way. The server then displays the maeesage "Server closed, or restarting" and proceeds to act as it does when really restarting. Around 12 seconds later the server goes up again of a few, glorious moments. If you could fix this it would be much appreciated - especially considering Britain gets the next two days off school. Thanks a lot, Tytonidae.

I take it back, there was only 12 others. I am terribly sorry for misinforming you. Goodbye now. Thank you. Smile
Apologies for the late response! The server was down due to us forgetting to pay and update a key on one of our plugins. The issue has been resolved. Thread closed.
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