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Xray ban appeal
Howdy reader!

Yesterday i was playing ottercraft, before i had to leave (i didn't log off) to go round to a friends at about 5-6 pm (AEDT). When i got back at about 8 pm that night i went to log onto otter, to which i was greeted with a ban for X-ray by Hiro. I was a little confused at first, given i've never had the intent to use it. So i asked my younger brother (13) who sometimes will use my computer to play mineplex or whatever, to see if he'd been on, he said that he had been on and that he just played on a realm with a friend. Upon looking in my resource pack folder i found an x-ray texture pack installed, so i can only deduce from this that he possibly played on otter for a bit and used x-ray? i asked him earlier today wether he had but he denied it. So i can only guess theres a high chance he was cheating on Otter, in which case i'd be very disappointed given the time i've spent on my projects on otter, as well as the fact he cheated.

Thank you for your time reviewing this thread,

Personally, I do believe aktron should be given a second chance on the server. He is a very active player on the server and I do hope something can be worked out because I would hate to see an active member of our community be banished from playing anymore. That's just my 2 cents.
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Aktron had been banned for xraying, before our 1.13 upgrade(in which we reset bans). It's clear that he didn't learn from our forgiveness the first time around. The ban will have to stand. We need to set an example that no longer how old of a player you are, rule breaking results in the same consequences. Thread closed.
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