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Disu's Builder Guidelines
New Builder Guidelines.

First step if you would like to become builder is being active on the server, You have to be trustworthy to become builder, so if you have any warnings for a crime you will not be accepted.

You must submit screenshots of at least 3 builds, built by you, and they can not be copied from YouTube or anywhere else.

These builds need to contain a good structure, detail, and depth, and be atleast 15x15. 
They can be built on the server, or in single player creative or another server. Creative is recommended because you can show your creative skills a lot better than you can in survival. 

Builders will get a personal region, with creative and world edit, These can only be used in the region upon leaving the region your  perms will change and your inventory will be cleared. 

Every builder must have a project and make progress on it. For example a medieval town, a city, a pvp warp etc. 

Builders inactive for 1 month without giving a reason will be demoted back to there previous rank. 

Builders must work on team projects when told to do so. Everyone must contribute in any way they can.

You can apply through either the forums under builder application, or private message me (Disu).

Include a few things about yourself in the application. Age, what you like to build, how long have you been building in minecraft, and anything else you would like to share.

(All written by Disu/Alfa/8lbs/exbf/intending)


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