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Permanent Ban Appeal
To Whom It May Concern, I have recently been temporarily banned (19/7/14) for griefing, which I do admit to doing, but I didn't realize that it was what I was doing at the time as griefing isn't thoroughly explained in the rules for OtterCraft. I was notified that my ban would last two weeks. However, when I checked how many days my ban still had this morning (19/7/18), I noticed that my temporary ban had turned into a permanent ban. I don't understand this though, as I had been banned and not able to play in the past few days, so I couldn't have done anything else wrong. I was just wondering if I could have my temporary ban restored so I could have another chance of playing OtterCraft. It is a great server and I am deeply sorry for my actions. I promise not to grief again if I receive the opportunity to play once more.
Griefing is a perm ban, no coming back from it. Thread closed.
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