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1.14 Update Information
Hello Otters! As you may have noticed... This is our first post on here once again in a great while. We don't seem to use our forums nearly as often as our Discord. We're making some major improvements to our server and community as a whole going into 1.14. This thread contains all of the information regarding the update.

Web Changes
Our setup/infrastructure for our web and server content has changed a ton!

Game Changes
Once we've updated, you'll come to find out we've optimized a few things.
  • CMI replaced essentials, much more stable, and has more features.
  • You can now mine/relocate spawners with silk touch pickaxes.
  • The server is moved over to our new dedicated machine which has a tremendous amount of computing power. Ensuring we will never have any lag issues.
  • We've got a fresh new world! Ranks are the only thing that's carried over.
For additional information or questions, join our Discord.
(this thread may be updated or edited with time).
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The 1.14.4 Server is now up and live! You can join using "play.ottercraft.net".

During the initial launch, the influx of players caused us to discover a few issues/bugs in which I plan on fixing tonight(when we have less traffic). All of these bugs can be seen via our 1.14 update spreadsheet, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing.

In addition, I've made a few adjustments in regards to our chunk generation and upkeep settings. Chunks now unspawn 20% faster, ground items merge in a larger radius, and other settings... None of the changed settings will directly affect your gameplay, however will help the server perform better.

Once again, stay tuned via Discord and Twitter for additional updates. Thanks!
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