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Deluxe498 - Builder Application
About Me.

Hello there.

I'm Oscar, 20 years old, from England.

I work as a full-time Land Surveyor working for projects all over the U.K. & Ireland. 

I love tea, football and a good joke.

Reasons for applying.

I've had a break from Minecraft for approximately 6-8 months now and feel like this is the right time to come back, both as a distraction from work but also because I've been seeking a server where I can chill and potentially work on a friendly & decent team.

Unfortunately I work away most weekdays, but I'm almost always free on weekends.


I have been building on Minecraft since late 2012. During this time I have worked with a variety of large teams, of which in 2016 I started up my own professional Build Team with just over 10 full-time builders working for a variety of clients around the world.

In addition, I successfully won a position for a Trial Builder for 'Blockworks' before giving this up for University.

- I am proficient with both World Edit & Voxel Sniper 

- Proficient working on all kinds of builds, from a market stall to a medieval city,

- Ideally specialise in structural building but can do the occasional organic build.

Please review my portfolio here: https://imgur.com/a/265Cg

Discord; Deluxe#1146
Feel free to give me a call.

I look forward to your response!


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