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Will's Moderator Application
Hello to all that this pertains to,

Who am I?
      I am Will Krey (username: willkrey) and I am a 19 year old from the west suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am a coach for the Mountain Bike team for the high school I used to go to. I have coached for the team for almost two years now and it has taught me a lot on how to help kids become better athletes and people. I also teach archery to kids in my area through my dad business. That has shown me how to stay patient in all sorts of situations; for example: My dad had some health problems and I had to step up and take over the class and teach all 15 kids. It has also shown me how to accommodate and work with people with disabilities of all types, mental and physical. I also work with the New Hope Police Department and am in their Explorer program, where I learn about policing and how to deal with people in crisis in all different situations from domestic disturbances to bomb threats.
What am I passionate about?
     I am someone who loves to be outdoors and experience all that it has to offer me. In the summer, I really enjoy fishing, mountain biking and camping in the boundary waters. In the winter, I love to downhill ski race; last season I won most improved racer in the league. I am also passionate about shooting sports such as archery, rifle shooting and sporting clay.

What can I bring to the server?
      I am someone who can be there to help out new players or regulars on the server with any information they may need about the server. I can help out with greifing/spam/harassment/cheating because those type of things are not cool in any situations. I can be on the server when other mods are not around to help, and can help whenever needed. though being new to moderation if I am selected, I will do the best I can to keep this server awesome.

When am I on?
     Lately I have been online through the afternoon to evening (CDT), but can easily change my schedule to be on whenever, preferably not in the middle of the night, I like my sleep.

How long have I been playing Minecraft?
      My first time playing was playing at my friends house back in the days of beta Minecraft. I have no idea what version that was, but it made me want to get the game. Finally, in early April of 2013, I convinced my parents to buy the game for me. Since then, I have played the game religiously. 

Why do I want to be a mod?
I would like to be a mod because one of the things in my life that I like to do is help people out in any way I can. I am also someone who would be there to help people in a time of crisis and help get them into a better place.

In conclusion:
      I am someone who would be valuable to the moderation team to help out players and enforce the rules. I have experience in the real world dealing with different types of people in varying situations. I have lots to learn in this world and I know that I will inevitably make mistakes along the way.
Great application!
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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