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Staff application for MrWoots
Good evening to all who may read this. My name is Nate Fisherman. I am 17 and will be starting my senior year in high school in Portland, Oregon. I currently work as a receptionist at my family's business, meaning I have lots of time to play on the server. My passions outside of Minecraft include Leadership Club and Drama Club, along with plays and art. 

By becoming a moderator on Ottercraft, I believe I could provide that bit of extra monitoring that the server needs. While many staff members such as Listing are online often, sometimes there just aren't any staff when a player needs them. Several times, I have been griefed and haven't gotten any help for hours, even when filing a report. Also, /report hasn't been working lately, which further increases the need for active staff. I want to be part of the staff because I have supported the server for more than two years, since April, 2017, and I want to see it thrive. I have been staff on several servers since my previous applications, and many of them have ended up going downhill or even just shutting down. I have been staff of many smaller servers, such as MCPZ and PurelyVanilla, as well as running a Terraria server for a while in 2018, which I eventually shut down due to my lowered interest in the game. 

I am typically on the server in the morning and late afternoon, although that will likely change due to school starting.

I know that I have applied many times under different names, and declined under different names, but I feel that I have grown and changed since then (Both mentally and physically) and I feel that I can provide an extra bit of help that the server needs. For those who have made it this far, I thank you, and hope you consider me to be a moderator on Ottercraft.

Nate (formerly Natasha) Fisherman
My discord is MrWoots#0367 if you need to contact me

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