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gypsy rose mod application
ive been on the server for a few months now and i see a lot of the time that sometimes a staff member is needed, but nobody is online, plus ive seen the conversation of being understaffed a few times

i feel like i will be able to provide a lot of time and dedication to the server, im currently 18 and in the middle of my off-year before i start college next august. 

i am on the server a lot of the time, whether i am actually logged in and playing or if im afk and just watching chat, so i feel like having a mod that is around and actually logged in as much as i am could help with there being an actual person logged in almost all the time ready to help at any notice

currently my available hours are 4:30 pm - 6:30 am, on average. sometimes i am available during the normal daytime hours as well

lastly, i put a lot of time into this server and i spectate the dynamics of people in chat and such, so i just hope to be somebody reliable so that if there is an issue, i will be there online to hopefully resolve it in a way that pleases everyone

if youre not looking for new staff at the moment, i understand, and if at any moment in the future you do need members, i hope that you take my application into consideration, because i do feel that i could be an asset to the staff team and keep things fair and equal when need be.

- gypsyyrose

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