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Ban appeal (September, 29 2019)
To Whomever it may concern,

I was debating on whether or not to post anything but I thought minus well throw something up on here. I was banned by Risyln on September 29, 2019 for "Xray". Unfortunately, even after reading all the rules, I was not sure what the specific guidelines were. After almost being a daily player on the server since the reset; Spending more days online then not I was informed that mini-map mods were allowed on the server. I confirmed this with other players including listing. I did at the time have a new mini-map installed after people were talking about them in chat. There was no specifications on what kind of mini-map. So In my case I installed a material detector mini-map. With the new introduction of the shops I felt getting the best mini-map possible would be helpful. This was also partially fueled by the denial of a shop at the warp and in my mind a need to keep up with competition. 

The mini-map took a while to get working correctly and in the end, barely worked. It was also installed for only installed for only a short time, in hindsight a terrible idea. I had originally installed a normal one but after browsing for a better one I came across it. At first I did not think this mini-map would be helpful enough to provide an advantage, I was wrong, after using it for a session online I could see a clear advantage. I removed it shortly after making this discovery. I want to apologize for my wrong doing as I now know It was a mistake. I got caught up in the changing server and I thought I was thinking ahead of the curve. I can ensure that a violation like this will never occur again. 

I was very sad and even a little mad to see the ban for the first time. Sad that I wouldn't be allowed to play on Ottercraft and be apart of everything . Ottercraft is actually the only server I play on. And mad that I was stupid enough to think a mini-map like this would be even remotely accepted. I've had a lot of fun on Ottercraft and have got to know its great community. I've got to help many new players as well as learn from many players veteran players, with much more experience than me. I ask that you be merciful in your judgment . I feel I contribute to the server and can guarantee something like this will never happen again. If there is anything I can do to get off the perm ban list I would be glad to comply. All I need is a chance, I can promise you an experience like this has made me rethink what is acceptable. Again I am sorry for the trouble I've just had some good times on the server and it would be a really sad, in my eyes, if all the time and effort put into the server was wasted. 

I hope that you will accept my apologies,

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