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Moderator/Staff helper application
[*]Moderator Application



  • Server owner: FantasyCraft

  • Server Co/Owner: KaveKraft.net

  • Administrator: Ryankraft

  • Moderator: MysticCraft

  • Moderator: Fortcraft.net

  • Moderator: mc.Evisea.com


I have been playing Minecraft for many years. I was a regular on the server up until about 6 months ago when life took a turn for me. I am back and I am on daily and will continue to be on every single day. I play during the hours where no staff is ever on. This is in part of my job where I work overnights as a hotel manager that I am able to be logged on through the night with few exceptions depending on what's happening in my hotel. I believe in keep things kosher between all parties and work to diffuse hostile situations that sometime occur in chat. I do not expect much from this application as to become a moderator but seeing that my active times seem to coincide to a gap in the staff schedule where new players join and it is a prime time for hackers such as Xray, Freecam etc.  My staff experience on servers listed above are a few years old but I still remember a good bit of commands and resources to keep the peace and prosperity of the server in which I spend 99.9% of my online time.

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