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Ban Appeal 26.01.2020

522 / 2048

Good evening,

A few minutes ago I was bannedSupposedlyI used XrayI built everything hard on the server and now everything has been destroyedI haven't used a Xray and I never haveI ask yoto reconsider this banEverything I worked hard for is gone nowI see that as unfair. &quotHacks"destroy the fun of the game and have no place in itThat is why I will never use such a thing and do not know why I am accused of such a thing

Kind regards Lennart_9
Hello Lennart_9,

I am the admin which banned you, both times. Here I present pretty good evidence, I believe at least, of you Xraying, all of the includes images of mining have you either digging straight down and then slightly moving to diamonds, hidden behind non-ore blocks, or are diamond ore hidden behind non-ores, seemingly randomly. I have also included an image of the alternate account you attempted to use to evade the given ban (with mining behind it).

Link: https://imgur.com/a/9Pqhsha
Thanks for your quick response,

I used the alt account to talk to yoagainWhich of course didn't work out so well :D. The attached pictures already look like XrayOnly now the problem is I haven't used itI know it's gonna be hard to change someone's mind around hereI'm not asking for a Unbann hereAll I'm asking yoto do is to reconsiderThis was a server I liked to play on because I finally managed to get something in line with the villagersOne more time to finishI didn't use an XrayIt is up to yoto believe me

Kind regards

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