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Permanent Ban
I'm very sorry that I stole I pay for everything just the sign didn't work so I took and didn't know it wasn't yours. I'm willing to pay for everything
: 7 repair books
4 defense books
2 touch books
2 cost books
And 32 Blaze sticks
If I forgot he could write here and I would pay for everything.
I am very sad that I cannot play with my friends and it is very fun server, this is the best server
I want to play on your server
Welcome to Eldad Gamer
Hello. I will be the admin responding to your appeal. I am better known as RinaDeithe or DadLad.

I am sorry. But I don't see why I should unban you. All I see in your appeal is that you're sad that you got caught.
Many would get unbanned if they showed remorse after they got caught.

Appeal denied.
(03-24-2020, 06:18 AM)דמנדיוס Wrote: שלום. אני אהיה המנהל המגיב לערעור שלך. אני מוכר יותר כ- RinaDeithe או DadLad.

אני מצטער. אבל אני לא מבין מדוע עלי לבטל אותך. כל מה שאני רואה בערעור שלך זה שאתה עצוב שנתפסת.
רבים היו מקבלים אי-אסור אם היו מראים חרטה לאחר שנתפסו.

הערעור נדחה.

I won't steal more than people and from anything I won't steal in my life



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