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Ban Appeal
Hello, I'm Sin_full

I'm here to appeal for my ban, 
1.) Provide us the reason you were banned for.
I was banned for apparently spamming the report logs and for being a annoying.

2.) Screenshots or logs if possible
a screenshot is attached below
3.) Evidence that you are not guilty:
I don't really have any evidence to say I'm not guilty yet, I believe that the ban was a bit of an overkill as I was only trying to make a point of a user bullying me.

Thank you for your time. 
Hello. I'll be the admin reviewing your case. I am also better known as Rinadeithe or DadLad.

Let me start by saying that banning you for spam was not an overkill. It was the drop of water that made the glass overflow.

[Image: BdEtaiI.png]
This above is everything you have been warned, banned and muted for. There's several for bad language. Even I once warned you, and I know for a fact that I rarely warn. Now, normally I would agree with you that it would've been a bit over the top to ban you for language reasons, but when it's clearly a repeating pattern, then I don't buy the "I only did it once because of whatever." thing.

Now. as a nail to the coffin. You have not only this account banned. Your previous account named 91p0 is also banned. It's currently called LmejesticWolf23. Banned for the same reasons. I don't understand why on earth you would have me unban you if you clearly did these things.

You don't even seem to be sorry for what you did. You show no sign in your appeal that you wouldn't do this again if I unbanned you. 

Appeal denied.
Have a good day.

[Image: n2ecjGx.png]

We're doing this here.

Here's the thing. You won't get an unban because you had 2 accounts banned. For the same reasons. You have multiple warns. Even one for grief. You have clearly been given chances. I won't unban because you don't seem sorry all together. I can't believe that someone who had been given so many chances, won't do stupid stuff again.

Appeal denied.

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