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I dont quite no were to star with this. Never applied for anything liks this befor. So hear gos. And sorry if i miss spell.

A little about myself

My minecraft name is MrPumpkin256 and im 19 years old live in the uk with my familly. I have 4 brothers (which i wont to kill most days) and 5 dogs. Am starting to learn how to do blender (an animating out or something like that). I love playing minecraft, doom (2016) destiny 2 and any other game that i find interesting. I have some disabilits like autism, dyspraxia, short and long term memory loss and asperges (or as i like to call it assburgers ). Thay are only some of them as i cant remember them all. And i dont no most of the meanings.

Why do i wont to be a member of staff

I would like to be a member of staff because av always liked helping people and enjoy being involved in the iner workings of whats going on. Add like to put my thoughts in and contribute with things that go on in the server. I am not much of a people person but i would love to inprove and i feel like being a staff member would help with that.

What would i do if someones griefing

For an example. If i saw someone that was griefing i would ask them to stop, if thay stop then no need to go evy futher with any thing (mybe a warnning if thay done it more than once. However if thay refuse to stop then i would have to temp ban them (if i had that kind of power) or inform someone that is of higher rank then me.

Times i am online

I am normally on at 10 am to 8 pm ish (uk time) however if persay there is a destiny 2 event going on i would not be on as often as normal but would still put time in to the server. Cos i have disabilits i cant be on as much as add like and have to take sometiimes a day or two of break from my pc to srt my head out. I understand this may effect my chances of being a mod but ad rather say then not.

Add say that concludes this. Thanks for ready and have a great day  

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