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Theft Appeal
Hello Mods,

My minecraft name is solidsnake0312 and I was banned for stealing someone's jukebox back in March, I didn't notice until now because I was so busy with school. I was just teleporting to random places with my girlfriend and we teleported right into a room with a jukebox so we took it because greed is man's greatest downfall. I'll return the jukebox and whatever else the person wants, I just want to return my little farm in the hills, please, I miss my cows. I promise never to steal again, detective.

Thanks for your time,
You stole. It's theft. I am also pretty sure you did more than that, as that qualifies as minor theft/grief. Either you had a lot of warn already, or you're lying about the amount you stole.

I'll ofc look into it. I'll have an answer for you in atleast 24 hours.

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