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X-Ray Hacking
I am here, to say sorry, I dont know if i want to be unbanned, bc what i did was very very wrong. I was using x-ray and i know that it sucks to use it. Noone should use it, i dont know why i did it. Maybe, i just wanted to be a well- known person on the server. But thats not the way how to do it. I used to play here with my bf, but ill guess thats over too. Now ill say sorry to everyone, bc what i did wasnt ok and i learned that i never should do it again.

- mapri_50
Oh and if i am not unbanned, please also tell me!
Hello. I am an admin on Ottercraft.
I am better known as "Dadlad" or "RinaDeithe". I'll be the one to take care of your appeal.

As I see it you will not get unbanned, but you asked and said you were sorry.
I'll ask the staff team and they can make a verdict.

We have discussed it and a verdict has falled.

The banning admin had the final say and the moderators agreed that you will not be unbanned.

As he kindly put it: "He took his time to turn it on and use it. He was aware it broke the rules and yet continued to use it."

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