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Ban Appeal of: Sonomancy, keenote, ghostduet, and shushaiden
"Let's be real here, if you got banned the odds are that the ban won't be lifted. However, in some cases you can get unbanned, if you provide a solid case.

Our Staff never, want to ban anyone. Ever. We only ban players if we feel it is absolutely necessary.

As far as guidelines go, don't just ask to be unbanned. That's the best way to completely annihilate your chances. Also, follow these...

1.) Provide us the reason you were banned for.
2.) Screenshots or logs if possible
3.) Evidence that you are not guilty of the ban reason.

Pretty simple, best of luck."

First and foremost, apologies for the above being quoted, but I felt the need to call attention to a single part of the ban appeal guidelines: "Our Staff never, want to ban anyone. Ever. We only ban players if we feel it is absolutely necessary." It is my firm belief that, in this instance, that proves to be untrue.

The reason myself (Sonomancy), keenote, ghostduet, and shushaiden (as well as possibly the players under the names 'Kee' and 'Shush', according to the ban list at least, perhaps due to negligence in typing out the full usernames on the part of the admin responsible for banning us), were banned for the logged reason of 'unfair advantage', though when later confronted in the Discord server, which I was also promptly banned from by the same user, Hirotaki, he stated that the reason for the ban was either 'arguing with staff or xray', or something along those lines. While I do not possess logs of the occurrences in game, given I did not expect that it would be an issue at the time, there were screenshots taken of the ensuing conversation over Discord which will be attached at the bottom.

The in-game occurrences happened as thus: a brief altercation occurred where myself and keenote, two new players to the game, had gone to a random teleport location in a jungle and wandered around. As you do in typical minecraft fashion, I began to look for birds to tame when my friend, keenote, killed them as I tried to tame them. I exclaimed a few things in caps, as did she, and a warning was given by Hirotaki- the simple statement of 'caps'. Prior to his stating this, I had exclaimed 'NO' into the chat, given my friend had killed another parrot in front of me, and Hirotaki took this as me shouting 'NO' in reply to his warning of 'caps', which was not the case. While on my screen 'NO' appeared BEFORE the warning of 'caps', it may have been the other way around for Hirotaki's screen due to the lag time of input, and thus I understand if the logs have me stating 'NO' after Hirotaki stated 'caps'. What cannot be denied, however, is that I gave an affirmative answer to his reply of 'caps' as my NEXT message, which was my intent- to give an affirmative answer, followed by an apology, which could not take place because I was muted.

Following the mute being lifted after its ten minute duration, I went about for a few minutes playing the game regularly until Hirotaki and I began to, at first, just discuss what had occurred just prior, admittedly with a rather snide comment from me- I was miffed that a mute was given for something as trivial as a couple sentences of caps without so much as a warning, and I made such clear. As the discussion progressed into an argument, Hirotaki got more and more disrespectful and hostile, even going so far as to curse at and insult me personally- something I find to be extremely unprofessional for someone who is meant to be a pillar of the community. A small side note- whilst I had been arguing with Hirotaki, we had begun a mine and, due to some luck, found a skeleton spawner not too far below the surface, which we were beginning to mine around. This is relevant because, later, this is his supposed proof of us x-raying as a group, which is of course, untrue.

As the argument progressed even further, it became my intention to leave the server and simply go elsewhere with my friends, whom I said the names of in chat to get their attention and ask if they wished to leave. Before I had the chance to disconnect, however, I was greeted with a ban screen, stating that I had been banned for 'unfair advantage'. Upon checking the ban logs, the same appeared to hold true for each of my friends who were there with me, of whom only keenote even somewhat involved herself in the argument between Hirotaki and I- even if being banned for 'arguing with staff', which was done in a respectful, calm manner, mind you, my friends have no reason to be banned themselves for those actions. 

Finally, when all of this was said and done, I joined the discord server to attempt to reach out to other members of staff, not knowing at the time that there was a forum to submit an appeal through, though Hirotaki was, at least, able to mention that much. The argument continued on Discord after that, where Hirotaki stated such things as, "Youll all get banned for your friends stupidity... blame him for dragging you into it" (in reference to my arguing against him in game and him banning everyone for the actions of a single person), "He called you all by name, and also you guys were xraying as a group. So it can be that youre arguing with staff or xray. You decide wjich you wanna tell your friends." (in reference to the aforementioned instance of finding a skeleton spawner via luck, with no other proof of any xraying occurring, and the arguing with staff only occurring with a single person, myself.) etc. etc. Even after he banned me and a friend of mine attempted to further side with me, his unprofessionalism and blatant disrespect shone through as he continued to insult not just me and those of us banned in game, but another friend of mine who was trying to help us in rectifying the unjust ban imposed upon us.

I shall be quite honest- I originally had little intention of returning to the server myself. This situation with Hirotaki had left a bad taste in my mouth.. but I have friends who DO intend to play on OtterCraft, and I refuse to allow such blatant staff abuse occur without putting up a fight. Consider this not only a ban appeal, but a request for disciplinary actions to be taken against Hirotaki, as well. Staff should not be above the rules they enforce, and should certainly be held to higher standards than this. Had I said half the things Hirotaki said, I am positive that moderation for it would be swift.

Attatched are the images provided for me by my friend from the discord server itself, which exemplifies some of what was said in the appeal itself.

As a final note, thank you for your consideration. Normally, I would apologize for such a heated debate springing up from something as small and petty as a misunderstanding in the chat, but, frankly, I'm glad that it took place- if it hadn't, I doubt that all the disrespect shown by Hirotaki would have been discovered. It is my hope that, regardless of my status of being banned or unbanned, action may be taken to show that admins cannot be above the rules they enforce.

Google Doc with the images listed.

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