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  Mute Appeal
Posted by: beautifulsk8r - 5 hours ago - Forum: Appeals - No Replies

I was muted for calling Thee_Peculiar an attention whore. I got tired of her always drawing attention to herself with "oh pity. everyone hates me" and stuff like that. I told her that, she freaked. I muted and then she asked me to explain why I said that. So I did with signs, and she showed lockhole even though she asked me to explain. Everyone always joked about how she "quits" and comes back 15 minutes later and twists everyone's words around. I'm not saying whore is a nice word, but I got tired of her doing things like this. I should have used a nicer word. Can I be unmuted?

  Builder Application
Posted by: KalebM2005 - 11-05-2017, 12:13 AM - Forum: Builder Applications - Replies (1)

Hello! My Name is Kaleb I've Been Wanting To Be A Builder Ever Since I Started (About A Year Ago) But I Never Knew How So If You Accept Me I'll Be Happy To Accept!

  Mod app. Dem.
Posted by: Demendius - 10-30-2017, 04:24 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - Replies (1)

Pre words:

So, first thing first. This is a pure rip off from my old application! I am applying for 2 reasons! One, i think i could learn a lot from this server. 2. BTL asked me to!
I want you to know that i am currently an admin on another server, which will take my time. Also, the admin part might make so you don't want me as a staff member on your server. I understand that!

Out of the time i have left, i can give about 7 hours a week to dedicate to Ottercraft. If you want me back, pm me in discord, and i will be everything you need me to be! (Also, i can help lockhole build some new houses! That way he can stop taking my designs  Tongue )

About me:

Hello. I would like to reserve my realname for when/if i get accepted as staff. My in game name is Demendius. I am 19 years old and in my second year of "gymnasiet." That's a danish form of highschool. yet it is not the same. I have a yoyo and like to obtain knowledge. I do this through youtube videos and reading.

Why I wanna be a staff member:

I would like to be part of staff for a number of reasons.
First. I want to mute/jail the people who are crowding the chat in a way that goes against the rules.
Second. I am very font of events and wants to create some more of them. But this time i wanna do it so it seems as something the staff has been creating. That way people think that the server is holding events for them.
Third. I am often on the server, and i am often there when griefing + more happens. I wanna be able to stop it immediately. (but this is off what all staff wants.)
Fourth. I wanna have a bigger impact on the future of the server. I know that the players already have a huge say, but it would be nice if i could take what the players said, and bring it to the admins.
Fifth. I want to give new players an experience of comfort when they join. I want them to stay as long as possible. I want them to enjoy this community as much as i do.
Sixth. I wanna be able to design/help control the forums.

What do I think that i can do different than the other staff:

I will start out by stating this: I do not think i'm better than the other staff. But i know you don't want a group of staff that can do the same.

Anyways. I think that i can get more people on the forums. I believe that by making events and forums for communities, we can get people to come often onto the forums and be active. I will ofcourse not expect people to start making events by them self, but i want to ask people if they want to create them, and then help them out with the prizes. That way we/I can get people more involved with the server. Of course there is more that i need to prove. I also have ideas that i am still very unsure of.

What position should you have, and why:

I do not want a high staff position! I want the lowest. I do not want to have access to stuff like creative or flying. This is because I'm afraid I will abuse it. With that being said. I believe that I would fit a low staff position because I am almost always on. I am on most of my day, where i am afk about 30-40% of that time. This also means that i often check in on the server to see if anything has happened.

Last words:

I have been playing minecraft since i was 12-13 years old. I have often tried to create a server, but has never succeeded. This also means that i know a little about it all. I would also be happy to be part of the staff, and show how well i can do.

I hope you take me into considering when choosing new staff.

  Builder Application: [ShimmyPaw]
Posted by: ShimmyPaw - 10-29-2017, 08:37 PM - Forum: Builder Applications - No Replies

Hello! My IGN is ShimmyPaw, but I go by Shimmy or Shim. I love to build in any style needed, but my specialty is terrain and modern builds. I'm VERY active, and I can pretty much be on for one to twelve hours a day, depending on the day. The weekends are my prime gaming time, so I can be on early or late for projects. I have plenty of experience with palettes and color combinations, as in most of my builds, there's an obvious color scheme. 
 As a builder, I'd love to help improve the server's spawn and general builds. Flying would definitely help my personal builds, as I love detailing, but that's another story. Thank you for considering me for the Ottercraft Build Team!

Images of my builds are attached below. Thank you, again!



 NOTE: This was built on the server at the coordinates X = 148, Y = 63, Z = 42.

  i wish to be unbanned
Posted by: _miala - 10-25-2017, 09:45 PM - Forum: Appeals - No Replies

dear ottercraft,
I am fully aware of my mistakes and understand why I was banned. but unfortunately I went to far and was banned.
why I should be unbanned is my cousin is on this server and she needs me. my dogs need me.

  Staff Application-Its_Fish_Xx
Posted by: CreeperSteve909 - 10-23-2017, 04:18 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

I am back, making another application due to wanting to.

My name is Nate Rhoades, or as everyone knows me, Fish.

I live in Portland Oregon

As of making this thread, I am 14, almost 15.

The reason I want to be a staff member for the community of Ottercraft is that I have been on this server for very long, about 7-8 months. During this time, I have felt the need for more active staff. I am on almost everyday and am usually on for expansive periods of time.

Also, if I were to suggest 2 people to become mods if I'm not chosen, I would suggest AwesomePenguin17 (Pengu) and _WolfLone_ Tongue

Please consider me as the next person to become a staff member! Wink

  Builder application deathsartixt
Posted by: fav - 10-22-2017, 01:20 PM - Forum: Builder Applications - No Replies

Hey there,
I'm deathsartixt, but my name is Fabio, I'm 20 years old. I'm from Turin, Italy. I study chemical engineering in my city.
I played this server for a while and i really like it.
My passion on minecraft is to build, and i do it! I like modern style, but with some ancient looking particular or  conception (watch my house for examples), I think my buildings are really personal and not stereotyped. I also like Building road to connect my structure around the world.
I live out of Turin so it take me long to go to the university and I stay there a lot. I can play at least one/two hours a day (normally at night), but more in the weekend.
Awesome Penguine suggest me to write this  thread, I hope you like my buildings like him.
Posiion of my house: 433 88 8706

My website: https://deathsartixtminebuilding.wordpress.com/
(In the home page there is a gallery with my creations).

 I hope to become a builder and do more for the server!
Thanks for reading.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  <<Builder Aplication Emlarun>>
Posted by: Emlarun - 10-21-2017, 04:55 PM - Forum: Builder Applications - No Replies

Who am i?
Hey, Nice to see you.
My name is Emil (Plz call me Emili). I am a 14 year old teenager who lives a normal singel life in sweden and of course in minecraft. I am playing around 3-12h minecraft a day. On ottercraft i´m
playing around 1-4h /day. Did i forget to tell i am a boiiii? Well i am a boii. 

I am a teenager so my school has lots of homework but yes, I am ready to stay up longer and playing earlier in the mornings to get the builder rank.

I am a serious player who sometimes get angry on people and say to them to stop but that
isn´t a problem in my eyes.

How is my design and what am i doing?
My design ideás is pretty good. On a scale i belive my buildings is around 7O% perfect and same on my friend mr_gizmo. But when we build together we almost build perfekt.

For now i am building on a huge prodjekt who i calls -"The Halloween House". It will be a huge dark oak house who has 
lots of pumkins and a scarry house with jump scares and scary pumkins and stuff. I want it to be finnished to halloweenbut i belive that it will take lots of more time to make a scarry fun and a nice party house.

So i design random things. I design op house in the ”Reality” and old classic houses but i said. Random stuff.

I hope that link works <3 
That is 7 pictures about my design so far.

---- Why do i want the [Builder] rank? ----

*With the builder rank i understand that i can be one of the personers who makes this server ottercraft to be a nice place with amazing design and stuff.
*With the builder rank i guess that i get new awesome commands. Likes /fly. It is very hard to build design ideas and windows in my Halloween house so /fly would help me a lot.
*I want to have power. Not evil power. Just power so noone just can take over my house or bully me.
*I want the server to be a place there evry1 can feel safe and have fun while playing and looking at amazing stuff.
*I want to be a nice person who understand the players with just member rank so they wouln´t fell bad.

Evry1 has a place in the server. Ranks or no ranks doesn´t matter.
I want evry1 to be a nice person and i want the chat to be nice to evry1. 
I will show evry1 respect.

-"Is it something about my buildings who are bad or weird? Tell me and i can might change it"

I am writing this to might get the builder rank. I will thank lLengh because he is a nice person and sid_engel to because they were nice to me 24/7.

I am sorry for the bad writing but i tryed.  

FreeDom To Ottercraft and all the buildings out there

Thumbs Up https://www.ottercraft.net/thread-311.htmlMod Application
Posted by: Ace_Pyder - 10-21-2017, 03:09 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

  LogStov Head-Administrative Application
Posted by: LogStov - 10-21-2017, 02:34 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

Hello there! 

IGN: LogStov
Age: I am currently seventeen years old. I will be eighteen in January.
Name or Nickname: Anyone can call me by my alias, or just my first name, Logan.
Discord#id: LogStov#1712
Position you are applying for: I am reaching out for being Head Admin.
Why would you like to apply for this position: For any server to succeed, they need to be entitled to a great Head of Administration. Some would say the leader of a server. I have always given myself the responsibility of being a leader and role model to those who need it most. Supervision of anyone is nothing to be joking around about. Head-Administators need to uphold the power of such a high position, and I believe that I am an easy pick for said position.

Experience: I have had a large range of experiences going down from a helper, all the way up to a Co-Owner of a server. Numerous times have people requested that I join a server as their Head-Admin or as just an Admin. I have been on some servers recently including: Undead Network, Zona PVP, KingConquest Network, Survival Network, and many, many more. Most servers I was accepted to as an admin, I worked up into the Head-Admin position or higher.
A bit about yourself: Personally I would say that I am a very friendly person with an extremely easy time picking up on new rules and expectations, I am outgoing and always willing to help people that need it, I work very well with others as well as I love meeting new people, and finally I treat everyone with the level of respect everyone deserves.
How many hours are you able to dedicate the server: Well because I have a job-excluding Mondays and Thursdays-I could be on anywhere from thirty minutes upwords to multiple hours. I typically start around 4pm and end at 10pm EST.
Commands you would use as a admin/mod/helper: I would use any command deemed necessary. If a player is breaking the rules, then they are to be banned. If a player is to mouth off anyone, they are to be kicked and muted for a said period of time. The list goes on with reasons for everything.

What can you offer to our server?: I can offer so much more than what the baseline requirements are for any server. I believe that whenever someone goes beyond any expectations, they are hard working. I will keep this server running smoothly with a very efficient and family-friendly environment, as well as keeping the peace among not only our entire staff team, but the players among each other as well as players among the staff. I will provide security and a great sense of protection for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my application. I hope you enjoyed everything in it. I will be willing to make a conversation with you about anything from this thread, please message me on discord.