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  Staff Application
Posted by: RoxieFox23 - 09-21-2017, 08:48 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

My name is Sammie but I go by Roxie. I'm 23 years old and currently living in central florida, unemployed and looking for a job. I've graduated from high school in 2014. I love to draw and sing and love various types of music.
I want to be an admin or mod because I like helping others when they are in need and i try to help whenever there is an issue to be resolved. Im usausly online between 10am.est -1am.est Mon-Fri. If there are changes I'll let you know because I don't make plans often.
I have only been on two servers but perfer this server.I haven't been a admin or mod before as I'm new to Minecraft but I can learn things fast.  I've been on this server for a little more than 4 months, but I enjoy every minute of it for there are so many nice people.

I know I can make a good mod or admin so until then, I will cross my fingers.
~ DragonFrost23

Brick I'm making a custom Resource Pack (Image Heavy!)
Posted by: Omgabee - 09-20-2017, 02:40 PM - Forum: Art and Design - Replies (1)

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my custom resource pack. C*:
I'm calling it Bee Pack for now. It's 32x32

My vision was to create a bright colored pack that is kind of styled girly (not sure yet though). I picked the 32x32 size so that it still can fit into the regular Minecraft resolution without looking awkward, for when users have mods that add new items/blocks. But the size allows for slightly more detail than the original 16x16.

It's not available yet because it's not anywhere near finished, but it has enough done to get a feel for it I think.
I do want to release it to the public at some point, but it may be a while because I am just doing it for fun at my leisure.
Anyway....here are some screenshots:

[Image: dtbd0nO.jpg]
[Image: K4H4HAi.jpg]
[Image: LQbDAc6.jpg]
[Image: BIXKqtB.jpg]
[Image: 3Wj5P0D.jpg]
[Image: b0I8n9R.jpg]
[Image: tmWmsDI.jpg]
[Image: UcYA2t1.jpg]
[Image: Fa0jflZ.jpg]
[Image: 9S80wLp.jpg]

(I had to remove some of the images 'cause it only allows me to post 10 ><
I'll link an album when I have a lot more screenshots to show.)

As you can see a lot of the textures are not finished and I plan on redoing a few of them. I'll improve as I go.

Some of the features though are:
- Some 3D models (the torch)
- Bright feel (bright colored lava and water, the stone has a purple hue to it)
- Stained glass
- Random variation for most textures
- German smear brick (I think it's pretty ><)

Would anyone be interested in it when it is finished??

Star Staff Application
Posted by: Stickbug08 - 09-20-2017, 12:10 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - Replies (1)

About Me
Hello, my name is Alexys but you can call me Bug or Buggle.
I am 13 years old, in 8th grade, and currently living in Florida. After school I play in my schools band(I play saxophone and percussion). I also do MMA after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But when I have the freetime I play MInecraft.
What Can I Offer The Community
If I am given the opportunity to be apart of staff I plan keep the server happy. How I would do that is I would solve problems quickly and to the best of my ability. 
I do understand that I can not do rollbacks but I will still make sure to find out who did it and make sure they are warned or punished.
Why Do I Want To Be Staff
I want to be apart of staff so I can help people enjoy the server. I am a fast learner and could pick up the commands fairly quickly. With the server growing  we run into  people who decide to grief, and although our current staff is very helpful we need more. The current staff now are very hard at work to fix grief, but with little staff it may take a while for the issue to be resolved.
Time I Am On
My schedule is a little funky. Mondays, and Wednesdays I am on 3:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST. Tuesdays I am on later due to me getting home from band practice, eating, then going staright to MMA practice, so I'm only on 7:30pm EST to 9:00pm EST. Thursdays I have no band practice but MMA practice so i am on 3:00pm EST to 4:00pm EST, then from 7:30pm EST to 9:00pm EST. Fridays I am on 3:00pm EST to wheenever I decide to get off. Saturdays I have MMA practice again so i get on 11:30pm EST to whenever I decide to get off. Lastly Sundays I am on between 10:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST.
How Long Have I Been Playing Minecraft
I have been playing Minecraft for about 5 years, but I have only been playing on Ottercraft for about 5 months. Before I played on Ottercraft I played on a E&D. While on E&D I was Admin for 9 months then switched to builder for a year. Sadly after my 2 years on E&D it got shut down due to one of the two owners doing nothing and not enough money.

Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope I can be apart of staff one day!

  Mod application
Posted by: Kvlts - 09-20-2017, 12:00 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

Who I personally am:
My name's Ryan and my passion is art and if you count socializing then that's for sure one of them, I love getting to know people and making new friends, making them comfortable and giving them a reason to come back and enjoy the time spent! I enjoy designing banners and any type of advertisement you can count on me. Any job I am given I devote what I can to perfect it.

Why I want to be a part of the staff team:
I feel as though mods don't tend to be online towards the later evening and or overnight, and that also answers the question of when I'm on. I'm a night owl and that's when I tend to really get stuff done after a long days rest. I've seen quite a few disturbing things happen overnight but no mods are there to moderate what's going on, which is why I feel an overnight mod is needed which would be perfect for me. My online times: Monday - Sunday 5pm to 8am at latest.

How long I have been playing Minecraft/Moderation experience:
I've been playing Minecraft for 6 years. I've had many times of being a mod from chat sites such as multiple Xat chats and Discord servers which have all happened due to recommendations from others about who I am as a mod and what I deliver to the chat(s). I'm a very quick learner and won't need to be completely taught about the job, but all help is appreciated and taken to mind.

Thank you for your time


  Server Updated To 1.12.2
Posted by: Sid_Engel - 09-19-2017, 11:05 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Howdy y'all,

OtterCraft is now running on Mincraft's newest, 1.12.2.

This new update, doesn't change the game much. It's fixed a few bugs, which I've listed below.

  • MC-15152 – Standing in a nether portal and opening a chest will render the chest open until another chest is opened

  • MC-79154 – Hoppers occasionally duplicate items (within chunks)

  • MC-86850 – Ender Pearling through a nether portal in the over-world tp's you to the portals nether coordinates but in the overworld

  • MC-91803 – Cave / ambiance music can play far away from the player and is not audible

  • MC-104259 – Player / mob stuck on farmland while it changes to dirt

  • MC-118976 – Landing on farmland gets you stuck in flight mode

  • MC-120444 – Almost any entity inside farmland gets teleported when it turns into dirt

  • MC-120611 – Player stuck in grass path when it changes to dirt
Remember, you can always find information pertaining to Minecraft updates, on the Mojang website.

Thanks, happy surviving!

Big Grin Who AmI?
Posted by: Stickbug08 - 09-18-2017, 10:30 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - No Replies

Hello , my nickname on the server is SKittyBug but you can call me Bug!
I was introduced to the server by DragonFrost23 and I fell in love quickly. Typically when im on the server I like
to build and help people. So you can ask me for help anytime!
I'm a pretty boring person, but in my free time I play MC and do MMA.
Thats about all i can say about myself but I hope to see you enjoying the server!

  Builder Application of Ottercraft
Posted by: SneakyNinja171 - 09-17-2017, 04:00 AM - Forum: Builder Applications - No Replies

Greeting builder team of Ottercraft, my name is Richard, a.k.a. SneakyNinja171. I am interested in joining the building team in order to express my building ideas in another medium. I have been playing Minecraft since 2011 on a multitude of servers, I understand the responsibilities of power, for I have been part of the staff on a handful of servers.I sincerely apologize that I did not attach any image files for my computer did not let me, and about the quality of the photographs of my builds, majority of these are from my worlds in Minecraft Xbox Edition. The images are in this discord https://discord.gg/UWsWsrZ, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  Tagzol staff app
Posted by: Tagsz - 09-16-2017, 09:37 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

Hello everyone reading this I am Tagzol or Tyler to some . first off I am putting in this app because of the situation  I am in , I see some staff drifting off and the server growing and I am free a lot currently and nothing that I enjoy more than helping people on the server so why not? I have been playing minecraft since before the piston update on and off and I see myself falling in love with minecraft all over again recently upon discovering OC so I want to give back in any way I can 

A few things I am passionate about are, Photography, cooking, helping people with anything I can, computers, skateboarding and gaming.

I can bring a lot more to the community than I already do now, as just a player with no staff resources I try to maximize what I can do on the server to help the people in need, I assure you if you ask a lot of people about me they would put a good word in because I strive to make the server better as much as I can each and everyday I am on.

I want to become a part of the staff because I see it as a great opportunity for not only me but the server to be helped way more, I always feel sad and guilty when I see something going on such as breaking rules or what not and I can't do anything to help that player, so by me becoming staff we can go past that boundary and make sure these problems are ridiculed.

I currently am on whenever I can be, weekdays are busy but I can manage to be on whenever needed during the day up until I get my job, Weekends are a toss up because of those are rather good days for me to sleep more being I have nobody to take care of.

Thank you for all you have given me people of OC 

  I know why i had been banned.
Posted by: Theblu1 - 09-16-2017, 04:16 PM - Forum: Appeals - Replies (1)

Ok Ok, I Used to Be OBSESSED with this server.

Sometimes i still think about how i had gotten banned.

Now I know why.

I had let my cousin,Jayden on this server.

I told him to make a house in this old village i found.

As i said in my other thread i had broken a few blocks.

That was true.

Apparently My Cousin did not like it so he told me to break them.

I Had also once said it has gotten griefed once in the chat-

i said that because someone griefed my cousins house.

Idk why i did not think about this before.....

Any who I am sorry about my cousin and his griefing.

Cheers-Kamryn Tongue

p.s contact me on Hypixel,i do not have Discord

  Hope everyone is doing ok.
Posted by: Theblu1 - 09-16-2017, 04:01 PM - Forum: Feedback and Suggestion - No Replies

I Theblu1 am sorry about my ban.

This May seem like i am harassing you but I'm not

I have just been Hit By Hurricane Irma.

I have no power and the only thing thats working is my Laptop and Phone.

Im posting this Because I'm Really bored, And i just seen FuzzyOzzie on my other server Tongue

Welp just wanted to say hi and i really miss this server Sad

And uhh I found out why something had gotten griefed/stolen and i did not know.

Ill post it in the ban appeal Section.

Anyways Cheers-Kamryn Tongue