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Server Host Change
Okay, as many of you know. Our host has some problems.

At the moment we are home hosted off a dedicated Linuxx86 machine. It's okay, other than the fact that we can't dedicate more than 2.5GB, and our ISP has some problems, causing the server to go down for possibly hours at a time.

This is not acceptable.

Our purpose is to have the server available 24/7, with a fast reliable connection.

Our Plan:
First, we are going to find a good chest shop plugin and install it on the server. Once it's all set up and functioning the way we want it to, we are going to switch the host. I want to get this out of the way, so we aren't taking on too much things at once.

The host switch is not all that complicated.
First, I will copy the world and the plugins off the server, and export all of our MySQL databases. This is pretty much just the world, and all of our plugin data.

From here, the world on the live server will be changed, and a warning will be displayed to all players that the change is in progress. It should take one day or so for the change to be complete.

I will upload all of our data onto the new server. Then change the DNS of survival.sidengel.com, and play.ottercraft.net to point to our new server.

Badabing. Badaboom.
Smooth transition.

Everything on the current server will be saved, it will be as if nothing had ever happened, other than faster connection, better chunk loading, and better reliability.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

No, we are not releasing who our host is, for security reasons.

[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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