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Admin App
Hello, My name is Nicolas Alexis, AKA MasterSkycraft and i want to apply for admin! or staff or anything you can let me be ranked to. i have lots of experience being staff at many servers. I am a good person to hire because i know my commands, i can build and can help out with ranks. I have been baned on one server, but the owner was rude and abusive. so i lefted and he baned me. so anyways. i hope you guys approve me. i can really help the server. i can advertise for you guys and give suggestions on plugins, ranks, etc. my skype is masterskycrafy and my discord is  RainbowDemon#3337. Anyways. Thank you and hope to be approved!

Rainbows and Colors, Your friend.   Smile
Your English knowledge seems pretty bad, also I doubt any proper server would instantly recruit someone as administrator.
"i can build and can help out with ranks" - I really don't think we need help with ranks, they're all sorted out, plus if we needed help any other Admin (or me) can do it.

You should format your application better, separate it with paragraphs about different things, don't just post one paragraph and expect to get a rank. A single unformatted paragraph looks really bad, so try to make it look nicer, also did you look at the sticky thread? You have missed the following questions:
"What are the times you are usually online?"
"Why do you want to be part of staff?"

"i have lots of experience being staff at many servers" - This is generic, anyone can say this. You should put some more detail into this, e.g. which server, how many players you dealt with, and what kind of commands/players you dealt with.
I would say this player has not been on in a while anyway. This is a dead post.

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