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Full Yolo
Welp, just decided to go full Yolo. I started renting the new server from our anonymous host, and took down our current server that you all know.

What the?! Why?!
Well, we were home hosting before. Apparently my ISP has a limit on data usage... And the server has used 125% of our months data. Whoops. Anyway. Hopefully the change won't cut into playtime tomorrow, if it does do not worry. We will be back within the next 2 days.

As soon as we get access to the new server, the same old content will be copied over, and the server will be pushed live, for you to join. The world as you know it, will be the same.

Apologies for the quick change with no warning. It was necessary for my internet to continue running, lol.

You will be able to connect using the same IP's survival.sidengel.com, or play.ottercraft.com. Do not frett.

Thank you for your patience.
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