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Suggestions / Information - Thunder

1. You should install a TLS certificate for your website (I notice you use Namecheap hosting, which does not support LetsEncrypt). You should probably consider switching hosts, I recommend buying a server/VPS from OVH, you can host anything on one of them, just like I do. 

2. I don't see a privacy policy on your website, though I also don't see you using any tracking (e.g. Google Analytics), I still suggest you implement a Privacy Policy to state what you do with user information, this may make some people suspicious of your website if they cannot find a PP.

3. Your game server seems to be hosted with a malicious company (or another company is using them, then providing services to you).  Your Minecraft server IP is connected to ColoCrossing, more information here.

4. I noticed you're using an outdated Captcha system, consider enabling NoCaptcha ReCaptcha as it is much better. MyBB will soon be updated to support the Invisible ReCaptcha.

I will list some plugins I have tested on my server which I found to be useful, so you may want to check them out. (I could not check which plugins you had installed on your server).

https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/rpghealth - Allows you to "level up" your max HP to a set value in the configuration.
https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/deathspectating - Sort of like Call of Duty, it shows who killed you & prevents respawn for a few seconds, works when killed by mobs or humans. Screenshot example.

I will list any other issues / suggestions in this thread only.

P.S. if this is a "friendly" server (no griefing), would it be better to have KeepInventory enabled?
Hey there, thanks so much for the feedback. It's great to see knowledgeable people bring some suggestions as we can always get better.

1. I was planning on doing this eventually, and probably should now that we have a decent amount of  traffic.

2. I didn't think that we were getting enough traffic to really look at it. I do enjoy looking at mybb's stats every once in a while. Now that the site, and it's importance has been re-brought to my attention, we will get some work done.

3. We are aware, and are happy with our performance and treatment so far, so no worry.

4. We were just talking about this in Discord, yes. Going through and killing some bots every other day is kinda annoying, this will be done for sure.

I appreciate the plugin suggestions, but our staff, and I think stuff like that is just too game changing. I've thought a few times about launching another server, with some crazy game changing plugins.

We have KeepInventory disabled, because something about falling in lava and losing all your stuff is part of the vanilla struggle. We are trying to keep it semi-vanilla. Kinda just feels like a big part of the game. What's the point of playing with 0 risk?
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