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Big Steps
Good news. 
The host change is done. Believe it or not, that's a lot of weight off my shoulders. No more managing the server from home, and worrying about my internet going out or anything.

The server is functioning the same was as it was, however is now much more reliable.

Anyway, today we had also accomplished setting up Votifier so players are rewarded 1 diamond per vote on server list(voting sites accessed with /list).

As well as, modifying our autobroadcast plugin, which to the player eye is just a cosmetic change, however it is now easier to use for our staff.

At the moment the only item on our To-Do list is shops.

In conclusion, to celebrate the rough patch of server work, and start of easy and growing times. Here are some screenshots from the server.
[Image: CmSDqCQ.jpg]
[Image: lVwkK5Y.jpg]
[Image: H84X7bB.png]
[Image: zh6UQ6X.png]
[Image: 2HwHsk7.png]
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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