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Help wanted: Capital
So, here is my idea!

I wanna unite the server a bit. I want to make a beautiful city! It's gonna be the greatest city ever seen!
I will make everything great again!


The name of the Project is New Otter Town or N.O.T.
I have already built the town center, and a storage house. But there are some things i also want.
That is:

I need more Builders, that can build in medieval/victorian style.

I need a lot of ressources. Mainly Cobblestone, spruce and dark oak.

I need some fun creations and ideas. So if anyone have something good to add to the city, then i would be delighted to hear it.

What needs to be built:

A cathedral - Done

More roads - WIP

2 churches of the other 2 admins - Not started

Small chapels for each of the mods - Not started

Houses - WIP

Market area - Done

A street reserved for industry - WIP

Horse track - Not started

other good creations?! (if any of you have any ideas)

Pictures of the project so far:

[Image: o8tqaQ7.jpg]
[Image: lKX2fIo.png]
I'm not a very talented builder (yet), but I'd love to learn from you guys and I'd do all of the stuff you don't want to do. This includes: mining, collecting, smelting, etc. I would love to help in any way possible. Smile

-Pistachio Smile
Hey Des (Inspecteur here, the name shown to the left is my actual IGN but i got hacked so now im stuck as Inspecteur for the next 23 days...) Ive got a basic design for the track part of the horse track!
Send screenshots of your progress! Imgur works, just make sure to change "http" to "https" and they should show up on the forums, as we only allow secure content.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Here's some screenshots I took today. Coming along really good.

[Image: UAHrc1o.jpg]
[Image: eOrznoA.jpg]
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
[Image: 5kPw6dP.png]
[Image: 0LaLXSp.png]
[Image: i02UBQ4.png]

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