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The Main church of the Capital
Here i am again, seeking help! Yet getting nothing.

Anyways! I need help with a build. It's a cathedral. I small one actually. Still pretty huge.

The build, from lowest point to highest point is 36 blocks.
And the widest point on the build is 43 blocks.

I need someone to help me and someone to give/sell me the needed materials.

I did of course not expect people to join this build without an idea of what it will look like. So, here's a link: CLICK ME
And some pictures of a very rough design:

[Image: 4wwzfkK.png]

[Image: v6XgXAY.jpg]

[Image: tT261eU.png]
This looks pretty cool, I'll be working on /warp project, so I'll save whatever cobble I have to sell to you. Smile
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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