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Sambo0 ban
Hey its Sambo0, I was banned for "by passing chests". The reason i started this in the first place was because there were many AFK houses near me like a house made full of cobblestone whom was banned for grieving many months before so yesterday night 4/23 I asked the admin I fly if i could just take it down because of how ugly the house looked but i wanted some supplies from the house which i did because i knew he was banned and their were a couple other houses around me that i knew the player either did not play or was banned I admit i should have asked an admin but i did not know that some players were still playing. Another reason this was wrongful was because An admin gave a warning saying anyone doing the bypass would be kicked. On April 24 but when I did it it was a week or so earlier and i was warned for it like, the rules at the time should have done,And if im not unbanned because your scared of me stealing trust me i wont i have spent many hours on my house so i would not want to lose it and i have made friends on that server. Also in my last point last night i also helped out a person named "princess" who was a griefer and used crude language and got banned.
Alright, iFlyyy is not an admin. He's a mod.

We recently changed the policy to, "if anyone bypasses the chests, they will be banned".

Using this exploit does not only provide personal gain, but it also steals items from other players...

Theft is also bannable, so I hope you can see how these two things co-inside. We have a low tolerance for rule breaking.

Your ban will not be lifted. Sorry.
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