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Staff app. Demendius
About me:

Hello. I would like to reserve my realname for when/if i get accepted as staff. My in game name is Demendius. I am 19 years old and in my second year of "gymnasiet." That's a danish form of highschool. yet it is not the same. I have a yoyo and like to obtain knowledge. I do this through youtube videos and reading.

Why I wanna be a staff member:

I would like to be part of staff for a number of reasons.
First. I want to mute/jail the people who are crowding the chat in a way that goes against the rules.
Second. I am very font of events and wants to create some more of them. But this time i wanna do it so it seems as something the staff has been creating. That way people think that the server is holding events for them.
Third. I am often on the server, and i am often there when griefing + more happens. I wanna be able to stop it immediately. (but this is off what all staff wants.)
Fourth. I wanna have a bigger impact on the future of the server. I know that the players already have a huge say, but it would be nice if i could take what the players said, and bring it to the admins.
Fifth. I want to give new players an experience of comfort when they join. I want them to stay as long as possible. I want them to enjoy this community as much as i do.
Sixth. I wanna be able to design/help control the forums.

What do I think that i can do different than the other staff:

I will start out by stating this: I do not think i'm better than the other staff. But i know you don't want a group of staff that can do the same.

Anyways. I think that i can get more people on the forums. I believe that by making events and forums for communities, we can get people to come often onto the forums and be active. I will ofcourse not expect people to start making events by them self, but i want to ask people if they want to create them, and then help them out with the prizes. That way we/I can get people more involved with the server. Of course there is more that i need to prove. I also have ideas that i am still very unsure of.

What position should you have, and why:

I do not want a high staff position! I want the lowest. I do not want to have access to stuff like creative or flying. This is because I'm afraid I will abuse it. With that being said. I believe that I would fit a low staff position because I am almost always on. I am on most of my day, where i am afk about 30-40% of that time. This also means that i often check in on the server to see if anything has happened.

Last words:

I have been playing minecraft since i was 12-13 years old. I have often tried to create a server, but has never succeeded. This also means that i know a little about it all. I would also be happy to be part of the staff, and show how well i can do.

I hope you take me into considering when choosing new staff.
Thanks for applying! You have been around a long time. You will for sure be a consideration, later down the road.
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