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TSkaz staff application
About me:

Hi, my name is, my name is, my name is.....

Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were there. I'll turn my cassette player down.

That's right, I said cassette player...which means I'm old. 41 to be exact. 

My name is Tony, my last name starts with an S and is a bunch of other unnecessary letters, such as the silent R. But the first part sounds like skaz, so anyone online will know me by the name tSkaz.  

I have a blog that I haven't written on in a few years, but when I was writing it was pretty funny. I also have a twitter account, facebook, myspace, etc. which I hardly use any of them anymore.

Why don't I do much on social media anymore, you ask?   Well, in a word....Minecraft.  More specifically vanilla minecraft.  I love mining and crafting, I watch youtube videos about mining and crafting, I have built multiple single player worlds and have been keeping up with all the latest snapsots.  When I'm not working third shift, I'm on Minecraft. I only sleep for about 4 hours a day and work for ten, the other ten hours I play Minecraft.

I play while I do laundry, watch my two year old, make dinner...just about any time my eyes are open.  I've been playing for on about two years now and have learned all about spawn rates and light levels and build styles, and I'm always looking to learn more.

I've played on about a half dozen servers here and there, looking for a server with just the right......vanilla-ness, for lack of a better word. Is that even a word?  Eh, we'll just pretend it is for the purposes of this exercise.

Then I decided "I'll try one more.  This Ottercraft server thing looks promising."  That was about a month ago. After two days I told my wife I was getting VIP for Ottercraft.  The gameplay, excellent.  The community, pretty good "regulars".  The moderators, awesome but very overworked. 

My wife said "You should apply to be a mod to help them out."

I said "they don't want some old fart messing with their server."

And I watched for about a week as Sid, Djin, and Seth worked their butts off trying to make the Ottercraft server the best community for Minecraft.  And I want to help build it into something great. 

I'm not very good at the whole "LOOK AT ME!" thing, and I'm not very good at ....well, this sort of thing.  But I am good with phones, computers, toasters and other things of that nature. I'm good at following rules.  I'm good at helping people. 

And I'm great at Minecraft.

And I would love the chance to help build Ottercraft into the best vanilla server on the internet.

Thanks for your time reading this, 
Beautiful application, thank you for both being such a large part of our community, and for wanting to help out even more! We will come back to this application later down the road for sure.

Also, it's awesome to see a family man like yourself wanting to be engaged in a mostly-child community like ours.

Have a good one,

Happy Surviving!
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Excellent application. Smile

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