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[Admin] Useful Commands
User Management

To begin: Anything within curly brackets means it is required, and anything in square brackets is optional, for the command to work.


Command: /ban {User} {Reason}
Example: /ban iFlyyy Making me waste my time for not knowing his commands

Command: /tban {Username} {Time in numbers} {M/H/D/W (Month, hour, day, week)} {Reason}}
Example: /tban Sid_Engel 1 d Grief
Explanation: Bans Sid_Engel for 1 day for the reason of "Grief"


Command: /mute {User} [Time till unmute]
Example: /mute Sid_Engel Spam
Stipulation: Please only mute someone in the situation of spam, racism (after being asked to stop), continued arguing (after being asked to stop), being rude towards another player (After being asked to stop by said player, and staff, unless it's spam...)

Command: /unmute {User}
Example: /unmute Sid_Engel

Command: /invsee {User}
Example: /invsee WhisperJWycked
Stipulation: You are unable to modify any ops inventory (Sid, Djin, and Jay)

Command: /jail {User} jail [Time]
Example: /jail iFlyyy jail
Stipulation: You are unable to jail other staff

Command: /unjail {User}
Example: /unjail iFlyyy
Explanation: Unjails the player

Command: /warn {User} {Reason}
Example: /warn Sid_Engel Test

Command: /delwarn {User}
Example: /delwarn Sid_Engel
Explanation: Removes the most recent warning for the player.

Command: /history {User}
Example: /history Sid_Engel
Explanation: Show's the players previous warnings, ban history, etc.

General Commands

Command: /broadcast {Message}


Command: /co l [u:{Username}] [a:{Action}] [t:{Time frame}] [b:{Block}] [e:{Blocks to exclude}] [r:{Radius}]
Argument Explanations:
- u:{Username}
Meaning: Username
Example Usage: /co l u:iFlyyy {Further arguments}

- a:{Action}
Meaning: Action
Example Usage: /co l a:chat

- Actions:
chat: Looks up all the chat

block: Looks up both block placement and block removal
-block: Looks up block removal
+block: Looks up block placement

container: Looks up both items removed from containers and placed in containers
-container: Looks up item removal from container
+container: Looks up item placement in containers

commands: Looks up all the commands sent

kill: Looks up all the mob kills

username: Looks up the player's username changes

session: Looks up when someone logged in and out
+session: Looks up when someone logged in
-session: Looks up when someone logged out

Meaning: Time
Example Usage: /co l t:30d {Further arguments}
Explanation: Looks up the logs within 30 days

Meaning: What blocks to lookup, this can be mobs
Example Usage: /co l b:diamond_ore {Further arguments}

Meaning: Exclude something from the search
Example Usage: /co l e:diamond_ore
Explanation: Doesn't show anything that has diamond_ore in it

Rollback and restore:
Command: /co rb [u:{Username}] [a:{Action}] [t:{Time frame}] [b:{Block}] [e:{Blocks to exclude}] [r:{Radius}]
Explanation: Follows the same logic as the lookup command, except it rolls it back

Command: /co rs [u:{Username}] [a:{Action}] [t:{Time frame}] [b:{Block}] [e:{Blocks to exclude}] [r:{Radius}]
Explanation: Follows the same logic as the lookup command, except it restores it
Further Explanation: Restores previous rollbacks

Edit: I've changed some content within this post, since we now use a different ban management plugin.

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