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Theft/Grief/Killing Brave Narwhals sheep/chickens
So I got banned for killing his sheep/chickens. He lives with me in my 'town' and he never said the sheep werent for town use or he did and i completely forgot, in which case im very sorry. I will replace all the sheeps and chickens. And i also broke some of the fence, again didnt knwo he was still playing and needed the wood...and it was there. But i will gladly replace what i broke/killed if allowed back on. 

Also if Brave sees this really i am sorry i made an ignorant choice to kill youre critters. I wont do it again knowing you still play. I think i killed your llama too which i will gladly replace or you can kill my llamas to get even that is fine. 

Yes im guilty but i wasnt doing it to be malicious i swear
Thread closed.

Okay Lexi,

I have thought out the situation, and you are now unbanned. This is your last straw, as you know the rules better than some players. You have been around for a while, you should know what's okay, and not okay to do.

One more and you're out. 

Don't make me regret this decision. Follow the rules.
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