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Someone banned my account on accident
Your server team banned me for no reason. I was just going about my business like usual, helping the people in my village and boom just like that "banned Angry " .I talked to Djin about the subject and he seemed pretty understanding. I would just like to get back on and go about my Minecraft day Smile enjoying the squids and the sheep's, and maybe even an otter. I am willing to forgive whoever banned me if we can get this misunderstanding sorted out as soon as possible. I was just liberating the people of my village by being Robin Hood.
I'm the one that banned you. I provided you with proof that you bypassed Lockette in multiple places. Here is the proof again:


And there is more logs of you placing rails, which I will probably find being placed and removed under other player's chest.

There's no coming back from that one...

Thread Closed.
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