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Everything About [Vip+]
Vip+ Inherit's everything from the standard Vip package, plus some! Everything highlighted is something you get that standard Vip players don't.
Comes included with...

10 /Home Teleports(instead of 5).
Access To /Nick, Allowing You To Change Your Display Name, At Any Time.
Access to /ptime(change what time of day it is FOR YOU ONLY)
Access to /pweather(change the weather FOR YOU ONLY)
Access To Use Colors In Chat And Messages.
Access To Partical Effects, /pp.
The [Vip+] Prefix.
Access To /Hat, So You Can Put A Block On Your Head.
Access to /me, for your rollplaying needs.
Access to /workbench(Allows you to use a workbench via command).
Access to /enderchest(Gives you access to your player enderchest via command).
Exemption To AFK Kick.
Access To /Seen, To See When A Buddy Was Last On.
Access to join even when the server is full.
$5,000 In-Game Money(instead of 2,500).
Also gives you the Vip bonus, a one time kit, including diamonds, saddles, and other goodies!
Please note, it may take a minute or two for the server to see your purchase. Please be patient.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]
Do you not get access to /fly?
Kind Regards
Big Grin Cool
(09-12-2017, 08:27 AM)NineGames Wrote: Do you not get access to /fly?

Nope, only staff and builders have access to /fly

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