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reason for un ban
first of all sid i did not see the rules at all during playing im one of the peapole who litterly just jumps in and goes to play without reading rules and my reply to my ban not being lifted ok im fine with that i will go and recommend toils server to my friends so yeah and i thought this server was a factions server so i thought it was fair to raid and as for the animal killing factions is about raiding destroying and greifing so 10/10 best minecraft server and server owner ever i will keep checking up to see if you changed your mind everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance i will still play on this server if un ban so yeah  by the way i knew that stuff cant burn i was just trying to annoy him so please this is still a good server i will still play this server if un ban so i would apreciate if you could cut me some slack and un ban me so i can right my wrongs and i promise if i un ban then i will never break rules again and if i lose my temper i will simply leave the server thank you for your time if no then still thank you for your time
I'm confused, and can't really follow this thread.

The last one was closed, as your ban appeal was not accepted.

Looks like I'll just close this one too.

If you want to message me privately, please use either the site, or discord ".sid#7800".
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